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Navigate all speedrunning VODs of the European Speedrunner Assembly marathon online. This site contains an archive of all known speedruns at the European Speedrunner Assembly Marathon. All credit belongs to ESA and the speedrunners involved. The table below displays the top 100 most watched runs and resets at the conclusion of each marathon.

Thank you ESA for another amazing event! The latest vods for ESA Winter 2020 can be found here: ESA 2020 Winter (One) and ESA 2020 Winter (Two)

Game Event Platform Category Runners Time Play
Batman: Return of the Joker ESA 2012 Any% WERY 00:17:26
Metroid ESA 2012 Any% Warpless Dxtr 00:22:24
Cobra Triangle ESA 2012 Any% Ktwo 00:22:55
Ape Escape ESA 2013 PSX 100% Markhest 00:45:00
Contra ESA 2013 NES Any% Frezy_Man 00:11:35
Zelda II ESA 2013 NES NMG Pro_JN Arctic_Eagle 01:01:22
Donkey Kong Country 2 ESA 2014 (Purple) SNES Any% Klosty 00:48:16
Final Fantasy IV ESA 2014 (Purple) SNES DieHard% 64 Floor Glitch xemorej 02:40:08
Grand Theft Auto 2 ESA 2014 (Yellow) PC Downtown All Missions Lighnat0r 01:17:46
MDK ESA 2014 (Yellow) PC Any% Fatzke 00:40:52
Mega Man ESA 2014 (Purple) NES Any% Foursome Race Nudua Primal Dxtr COOLKID 00:20:48
Metroid: Zero Mission ESA 2014 (Purple) Game Boy Advance 100% Race DragonFangs Mobiusman 01:15:22
North & South ESA 2014 (Purple) NES Any% Svenne1138 00:02:43
Power Blade ESA 2014 (Purple) NES Any% (Normal) InfestedRiche 00:20:07
Power Blade 2 ESA 2014 (Purple) NES Any% InfestedRiche 00:22:58
Shadow of the Ninja ESA 2014 (Purple) NES Any% Charleon 00:14:15
Takeshi's Challenge ESA 2014 (Purple) NES Any% SlaskPrask 00:05:18
Amazing Princess Sarah ESA 2015 (Purple) Xbox 360 Vampire Princess New Game+ Kennyman666 00:33:15
Final Fantasy III ESA 2015 (Yellow) NES Any% Gael 00:08:12
I wanna be the Boshy ESA 2015 (Purple) PC Any% Wrong Warp BBF 00:05:29
Mirror's Edge ESA 2015 (Purple) PC Any% MrWalrus 00:39:06
New Super Mario Bros Wii ESA 2015 (Purple) Wii Any% Ongnissim 00:32:50
Peggle Extreme ESA 2015 (Yellow) PC Race Chucat 00:17:09
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time ESA 2015 (Yellow) PC Any% Henneko_ 01:05:45
Star Trek: Elite Force 2 ESA 2015 (Purple) PC Any% Sphere 01:37:22
Tiny Toon Adventures - Babs Big Break ESA 2015 (Purple) Game Boy Any% Race Nudua Joka 00:16:36
Cornerstone ESA 2016 PC Run Invalid Routing Competition 00:23:45
Doritos Crash Course ESA 2016 Xbox 360 Any% (No Chicken) Respirte 00:24:00
FAST Racing NEO ESA 2016 Wii U Time Attack E_DragonGX 00:23:38
Final Fantasy XII ESA 2016 PS2 Any% Freddeh 06:49:54
Kero Blaster ESA 2016 PC Any% shadax1 00:35:43
The Flash ESA 2016 SMS Any% Robo_Sparkle 00:17:05
Wrack ESA 2016 PC Any% PenAgain 00:17:12
TrackMania² Stadium ESA 2017 (One) PC All Flags Spam 01:25:53
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds ESA 2017 (One) 3DS Any% Herreteman 01:33:12
Arx Fatalis ESA 2017 (One) PC Any% Pjoxt 00:44:52
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ESA 2017 (One) PC Any% turothking 01:17:28
Ape Escape ESA 2017 (One) PS2 100% SSBMstuff 01:58:06
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped ESA 2017 (One) PS2 Any% (No Item Glitch) SSBMstuff 00:46:00
Resident Evil 2 ESA 2017 (One) PC Leon A Magn00zl 00:49:10
Resident Evil HD Remaster ESA 2017 (One) PC New Game 100% Pessimism 01:23:05
Streets of Rage 2 ESA 2017 (One) GameGear Game Gear btrim Greenalink 00:21:40
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle ESA 2017 (One) PC Hero Story a_moustache 00:37:08
Mega Man 9 ESA 2017 (One) PS3 Any% btfm 00:34:45
Mega Man 10 ESA 2017 (One) Wii Any% Ajarmar 00:35:23
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom ESA 2017 (Two) PC Any% HaosEdge 00:25:10
The Messenger ESA 2018 Movember PC 8-bit no oob Hivemind_ 00:41:27
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie ESA 2018 Movember Game Boy Any% Normal tokko_tomcat 00:23:26
Slime Rancher ESA 2018 Movember PC Any% isBullets 00:18:01
Chakan: The Forever Man ESA 2018 Winter Sega Game Gear Any% edenalsda 00:08:43
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD ESA 2018 Summer (One) PS4 Any% (Beginner NG+) RebelDragon95 02:07:41
Doom: Scythe ESA 2018 Summer (One) PC UV-Speed 4shockblast 00:15:50
Densha de D: Lightning Stage ESA 2018 Summer (One) PC Any% Jugachi Lordmau5 00:19:12
Rot Gut ESA 2018 Summer (One) PC Any% Sajiki 00:04:30
Mega Man 2 ESA 2018 Summer (One) NES Any% (Difficult) COOLKID EndySWE 00:27:35
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD ESA 2018 Summer (One) Wii U Any% Lolicry 03:58:43
Dissidia: Final Fantasy ESA 2018 Summer (One) PSP Any% Leonis07 01:42:21
I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2 ESA 2018 Summer (One) PC Any% BBF_ 01:36:29
Jak II ESA 2018 Summer (One) PS3 Any% Boomer 01:02:49
Batman: The Video Game ESA 2018 Summer (One) NES Any% Dxtr EndySWE 00:10:16
The Witness ESA 2018 Summer (One) PC Any% (Current Patch) tzann 00:17:08
Dark Souls ESA 2018 Summer (One) PC All Bosses Kahmul78 01:23:34
Tales of Berseria ESA 2018 Summer (Two) PC Any% (NG) FellVisage 04:45:08
Abobo's Big Adventure ESA 2018 Summer (Two) PC Any% Chfou 00:31:35
Mushroom 11 ESA 2018 Summer (Two) PC Any% Zet 00:44:12
Wario Land 3 ESA 2018 Summer (Two) Game Boy Any% pr0te 00:51:38
Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness ESA 2018 Summer (Two) Gamecube Any% Retrotato 05:05:57
Jazzpunk ESA 2018 Summer (Two) PC Any% UselessBrit 00:16:13
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) ESA 2019 Winter (One) Xbox 360 Sonic's Story (No MSG) RebelDragon95 01:11:40
Mega Man 11 ESA 2019 Winter (One) Switch Any%, Normal Samura1man 00:39:16
Deltarune ESA 2019 Winter (One) PC Any% NG+ yisk 00:28:05
Subnautica ESA 2019 Winter (One) PC Survival Any% salvner 00:51:33
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu ESA 2019 Winter (One) PS Any% Leonis07 01:04:59
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD ESA 2019 Winter (Two) WiiU Glitchless AEtienne 05:15:42
Final Fantasy III ESA 2019 Winter (Two) PSP Any% Leonis07 10:52:29
Invictus TwitchCon EU 2019 SNES All Exits Ryukahr 00:40:48
Ultima IX: Ascension ESA 2019 Summer (One) PC Any% ElCidDK 01:08:37
Link: The Faces of Evil ESA 2019 Summer (One) Philips CD-i All Cutscenes Grumpmeister 00:54:17
Bugdom ESA 2019 Summer (One) PC Any% Jitaenow 00:11:07
Borderlands 2 ESA 2019 Summer (One) PC Any% (Co-Op) Mr_Brood Goodigo 01:52:24
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ESA 2019 Summer (One) Xbox360 Any% (NSC) Dxtr 00:19:53
Cuphead ESA 2019 Summer (One) PC Low% (Expert, Current Patch, Co-Op) kalevan_herra Kirthar SBDWolf TheMexicanRunner 00:40:10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ESA 2019 Summer (One) N64 Randomizer Multiworld (Co-Op) BaalNocturno Amateseru Fuzzyness 03:51:02
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 ESA 2019 Summer (Two) PC Allies Campaign CrazyCharlieH 01:47:03
Portal Stories: Mel ESA 2019 Summer (Two) PC Any% Wilbo__ 00:29:54
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse ESA 2019 Summer (Two) SMS Any% btrim 00:15:56
Dispersio ESA 2019 Summer (Two) PC Normal: Any% Pottoww 00:19:06
Halo 5 ESA 2019 Summer (Two) Xbox One Legendary DavidSpartan95 01:30:07
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Dreamhack Winter 2019 Genesis Any% Argick 00:56:46
Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX ESA 2020 Winter (One) Switch No Pride Jinny 00:20:55
Katana Zero ESA 2020 Winter (One) PC Hard Mode yisk 00:32:29
Furi ESA 2020 Winter (One) PC Speedrun Mode AEtienne 00:36:52
Spyro Reignited Trilogy ESA 2020 Winter (One) PC Any% (Spyro The Dragon, NBS) BoneyC 00:52:26
Clock Tower 3 ESA 2020 Winter (One) PS2 Normal Mode MrSilentVid 01:21:55
Rayman ESA 2020 Winter (One) PS1 Any% (2P1C) Thextera_ Glackum 01:32:27
Hotline Miami ESA 2020 Winter (One) PC NG Any% Cursed1701 00:18:08
Blitz Breaker ESA 2020 Winter (Two) PC Any% Thextera_ 00:25:18
140 ESA 2020 Winter (Two) PC All Levels Zet 00:25:20
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness ESA 2020 Winter (Two) PC Any% Cadarev 00:25:17
Siren: Blood Curse ESA 2020 Winter (Two) PS3 Any% MrSilentVid 01:04:47