Game Event Category Runners Time Play
Goof Troop ESA 2012 Co-op Alko Edenal 00:23:05
Mario Kart Wii ESA 2013 Retro Cups 2P Pro_JN Rudmarker 00:40:18
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles ESA 2014 (Purple) Any% (4 Player Co-op) Neviutz Cereth Grokken MLSTRM 02:44:35
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light ESA 2014 (Purple) NG+ Co-op Kotti Ariwa 00:25:22
Magical Quest 2: The Great Circus Mystery ESA 2014 (Purple) Any% Co-op (Normal) Grukk Edenal 00:24:25
Pang ESA 2014 (Purple) Co-op RoboSparkle Oasiz 00:19:11
Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble 3 ESA 2014 (Purple) Co-op RoboSparkle TheGons 00:55:00
Portal 2 ESA 2014 (Yellow) Co-op Xebaz D4rw1N 00:48:39
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken ESA 2014 (Purple) Any% Co-op TheGons Meridian 00:48:36
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask ESA 2014 (Purple) 100% Co-op GoronGuy VPP thiefbug ennopp 05:38:00
Titan Quest ESA 2014 (Yellow) Any% co-op Kotti Ariwa 02:03:30
Toejam and Earl ESA 2014 (Purple) Co-op Shrimp Cruxit 00:46:06
Crash Bash ESA 2015 (Yellow) 201% PeteThePlayer BetaM 08:47:45
Crash: Mind Over Mutant ESA 2015 (Purple) Co-op Any% BetaM PeteThePlayer 00:46:01
Dragon's Crown ESA 2015 (Purple) Any% flicky Bangerra 00:35:09
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles ESA 2015 (Purple) Four Player Co-Op, All Dungeons Cereth Grokken MLSTRM Neviutz 02:55:57
Final Fantasy IX ESA 2015 (Yellow) Any% Mrzwanzig Nepf 09:26:07
Guacamelee! Golden Edition ESA 2015 (Purple) Co-op 100% Normal Mode Bagel_Theif Lady_Smaell 01:16:57
Jak 3 ESA 2015 (Purple) All Missions co-op Raccoon_1337 ThaRixer 03:05:43
Renegade Ops ESA 2015 (Purple) NG+ Any% Co-op Lysteria tyriounet 01:16:09
Splinter Cell: Blacklist ESA 2015 (Purple) All Co-Op Missions - Perfection Difficulty% steve50013 AMVX 00:41:37
SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate ESA 2015 (Purple) All Maps Hard (co-op) Adam_ak COOLKID lurk Noobest Pjoxt Shrimp Vyathacal zastbat S. 01:15:35
Tales of Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk ESA 2015 (Yellow) Any% DhrGR Baffan 00:00:00
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ESA 2015 (Purple) [2 Player 1 Controller] All Dungeons thiefbug SlaskPrask 02:39:34
World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ESA 2015 (Purple) Co-op race Edenal Grukk FingersTehHand Poginton 00:22:06
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link ESA 2015 (Purple) 100% All Keys 2 players 1 controller Pro_JN Badbrakes 01:26:33
BattleBlock Theater ESA 2016 Any% No Level Skip SeductiveSpatula 01:24:45
Borderlands 2 ESA 2016 4-Player Co-Op inkalex 01:56:53
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light ESA 2016 Any% NG+ randompinkbunny 00:26:23
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords ESA 2016 Any% Tompa 00:22:32
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project ESA 2017 (One) Any% (2 players) Purjo83 Frippen87 00:40:33
Quake II ESA 2017 (One) Any% Easy Brainfluid Sphere 00:18:26
Streets of Rage 2 ESA 2017 (One) Game Gear btrim Greenalink 00:21:40
BattleBlock Theater ESA 2017 (One) Challenge Co-Op SeductiveSpatula HaosEdge 00:13:28
Trine ESA 2017 (One) NG+ Coop Any% Cropax MrWalrus 00:25:01
Forced ESA 2017 (One) Any% 4 players MLSTRM eTholon DragonFangs Cereth 00:48:52
ibb & obb ESA 2018 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) emptysys OsZ_ 00:26:47
BattleBlock Theater ESA 2018 Summer (One) Any% (NLS) Paulister HaosEdge SeductiveSpatula 01:21:46
GeoGuessr ESA 2018 Summer (One) Co-Op havrd JanMumrik 00:28:41
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror ESA 2018 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) Kinnin11 Sniperwave 00:26:43
Brütal Legend ESA 2019 Winter (One) L.A. Noire % Makkebakke SimpleUnit 01:29:58
Streets of Rage ESA 2019 Winter (One) 2-Players Glitchless Easy TitansofCoOp 00:26:47
Golden Axe ESA 2019 Winter (One) Any% Co-Op TitansofCoOp 00:09:28
Stardew Valley ESA 2019 Summer (One) Pantry (Glitchless, Co-Op) Jazzy Venomynous 01:55:35
Serious Sam 3 ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% Tourist (Co-Op) Gelly apple1417 00:36:53
Portal 2 ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) Goodigo Wilbo__ 00:37:38
Borderlands 2 ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) Mr_Brood Goodigo 01:52:24
Divinity: Original Sin II ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) Cropax MrWalrus3451 00:23:57
Halo 2 ESA 2019 Summer (One) Easy (Co-Op) TehSorix Dubhzo 01:20:35
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) sinister1 EndySWE 00:10:03
Contra ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) TheMexicanRunner Niss3 00:10:27
Battletoads (NES) ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) Dxtr TheMexicanRunner 00:23:10
Swat 4 ESA 2019 Summer (One) All Missions 75+ (Hard, Co-Op) Shrimp Goost91 wakecold Yvathacal Eidgod Noobest COOLKID tyriounet zastbat thekotti 00:42:43
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ESA 2019 Summer (One) Randomizer Multiworld (Co-Op) BaalNocturno Amateseru Fuzzyness 03:51:02
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) Cadarev tocaloni1 01:16:41
Deru: The Art of Cooperation ESA 2019 Summer (One) Any% (Co-Op) acridstingray3 Ax2u 00:23:02
Bastion ESA 2019 Summer (One) 5p1c NG Any% No MS Kazzadan HaosEdge Leonmachar acridstingray3 Harpa 00:15:09
The House of the Dead III ESA 2020 Winter (One) Beat the Game (Very Easy / Co-Op) JackofHearts Thebpg13 00:25:46
Luigi’s Mansion 3 ESA 2020 Winter (One) Any% Jinny GreenSnowDog 03:03:19
Rayman ESA 2020 Winter (One) Any% (2P1C) Thextera_ Glackum 01:32:27
Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! ESA 2020 Winter (One) All Levels (Co-Op, Base Game) RDVvsTheWorld Riekelt 00:32:10