ESA 2015 (Purple)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Thu Jul 2nd, 08:30am Alex Kidd In Miracle World Any% SMS btrim 00:14:58
Tue Jun 30th, 04:07am Alisia Dragoon Any% Genesis Baffan 00:15:52
Mon Jun 29th, 05:27am Amazing Princess Sarah Vampire Princess New Game+ Xbox 360 Kennyman666 00:33:15
Fri Jul 3rd, 07:30am An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Any% SNES Chrno 00:31:51
Sun Jul 5th, 01:41am Another World Any% PC Pogington 00:16:23
Tue Jun 30th, 02:47pm Ape Escape 3 Any% PS3 downiebrownie_ 01:17:52
Wed Jul 1st, 10:53pm Batman: Arkham Asylum Any% Hard Xbox 360 RoboSparkle 01:50:21
Wed Jul 1st, 07:13am Batman: The Video Game Batgun Game Boy lurk 00:12:58
Tue Jun 30th, 07:02am Battle Kid 2:The Mountain of Torment Any% NES Spiriax 01:02:33
Mon Jun 29th, 10:41pm Bayonetta 2 Any% Climax Wii-U General_Beatrix 02:10:15
Thu Jul 2nd, 05:59am Bettle Adventure Racing! Bonus Circuit N64 andypanther 00:31:52
Thu Jul 2nd, 08:09am Castle of Illusion Any% SMS KrazyRasmus MaxieTheHatter 00:15:25
Fri Jul 3rd, 08:05am Castle of Illusion HD Any% PC Grukk KrazyMasmus MaxieTheHatter Pogington 00:35:17
Tue Jun 30th, 04:12pm Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 100% PS2 MrBean35000vr SwordofSeals 01:19:43
Sun Jun 28th, 03:05pm Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% PS2 MartinForslund 00:50:51
Sat Jul 4th, 05:14am Crash Nitro Kart Ultimate Shadow Challenge PS2 BetaM 00:10:32
Wed Jul 1st, 09:30am Crash Team Racing Any% PS2 Flyppy_o 00:55:08
Sat Jul 4th, 05:34am Crash Twinsanity 100% PS2 Smartkin 01:25:17
Sun Jun 28th, 02:00pm Crash: Mind Over Mutant Co-op Any% PS2 BetaM PeteThePlayer 00:46:01
Tue Jun 30th, 09:02am Crusader of Centy Any% Genesis geurge 00:47:33
Sat Jul 4th, 04:59pm Dark Souls II All Bosses Including DLC PC MrTakahashi 02:42:35
Sun Jun 28th, 11:32pm Darksiders 2 Any% PC Aphox 01:01:51
Mon Jun 29th, 09:36pm Deus Ex: Human Revolution Any% Hard Race PC Heinki PenAgain 00:46:54
Sat Jul 4th, 01:04am Die By The Sword Any% PC Pjoxt 00:36:11
Fri Jul 3rd, 09:22pm Dishonored Any% PC MrWalrus 00:37:11
Fri Jul 3rd, 10:09pm DmC - Devil may Cry Any% Heaven or Hell Difficulty PC Aphox 00:41:50
Wed Jul 1st, 09:33pm Doom II UV-Speed PC Noobest 00:33:53
Mon Jun 29th, 07:22am Dr. Mario Any% Race SNES TheHarlequinDevil MeridianPrime 00:36:30
Fri Jul 3rd, 12:57pm Dragon's Crown Any% PS3 flicky Bangerra 00:35:09
Fri Jul 3rd, 11:02am Dustforce DX Any% All Levels PC CriticalCyd 00:45:02
Mon Jun 29th, 12:47am Dying Light Any% PC Nord 02:03:10
Mon Jun 29th, 03:22am Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City Any% DS DhrGR 02:11:13
Mon Jun 29th, 11:20am Final Fantasy Any% NES Gael 00:07:54
Thu Jul 2nd, 08:55am Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Four Player Co-Op, All Dungeons Gamecube Cereth Grokken MLSTRM Neviutz 02:55:57
Mon Jun 29th, 11:36am Final Fantasy V Any% SNES Cereth 04:08:29
Sat Jul 4th, 07:24am Final Fantasy XIII Any% PC MLSTRM 05:47:26
Thu Jul 2nd, 01:35am First Person Lover Any% PC Henjo 00:06:47
Sun Jun 28th, 06:57pm F-Zero GX All Tracks Time Attack Gamecube E_Dragon Naegleria 01:13:49
Mon Jun 29th, 10:17am Gargoyle's Quest 2 Any% NES InfestedRiche 00:31:05
Mon Jun 29th, 09:37am Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts 'n Goblins Any% Game Boy Yvathacal 00:44:45
Sun Jun 28th, 09:57pm God of War Any% NG+ PS3 exe 01:33:48
Sat Jul 4th, 01:29pm GoldenEye 007 Any% N64 Illu 00:22:39
Tue Jun 30th, 10:35pm Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Any% PC Zoton2 02:07:47
Wed Jul 1st, 08:38pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% PC Mhmd_FVC 00:56:20
Thu Jul 2nd, 07:34am GS Mikami: Joreisihi wa Nice Body Any% SNES lurk 00:20:40
Tue Jun 30th, 01:17pm Guacamelee! Golden Edition Co-op 100% Normal Mode PC Bagel_Theif Lady_Smaell 01:16:57
Sun Jun 28th, 08:22pm Halo 2 Easy Xbox 360 willzorss 01:24:27
Sat Jul 4th, 02:04pm Halo 3 Legendary Xbox 360 DarkDEVASTAT1ON 01:45:24
Thu Jul 2nd, 02:05pm Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Any% PC Respirte 00:54:27
Thu Jul 2nd, 03:10pm Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Better Any% PC Respirte 00:56:50
Wed Jul 1st, 04:26pm Hudson's Adventure Island 2 Any% NES Primal85 00:27:00
Sat Jul 4th, 08:04pm I wanna be the Boshy 100% PC BBF 01:01:38
Sat Jul 4th, 09:04pm I wanna be the Boshy Any% Wrong Warp PC BBF 00:05:29
Wed Jul 1st, 12:50am Infamous Any% PS3 Tohmane 03:58:51
Sun Jul 5th, 08:24am Jak 3 All Missions co-op PS2 Raccoon_1337 ThaRixer 03:05:43
Thu Jul 2nd, 12:20pm Jak and Daxter: The Precursors Legacy Orbless PS2 Grig 01:23:45
Sat Jul 4th, 01:49am Jet Set Radio Future Souls% Xbox Rueake 02:49:43
Fri Jul 3rd, 08:50am Journey to Silius Any% NES Primal85 00:12:11
Fri Jul 3rd, 01:30am Killer7 Any% Wii Naegleria 03:11:05
Tue Jun 30th, 09:52am Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Any% Beginner PS3 RebelDragon95 03:08:00
Wed Jul 1st, 08:36am Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Any% SMS KrazyRasmus btrim 00:26:52
Tue Jun 30th, 01:02am Lost Planet 2 Any% Solo Xbox 360 RazorPriest 02:42:14
Tue Jun 30th, 05:42pm Luigi's Mansion Any% (OOB) Gamecube Linkus7 00:12:25
Mon Jun 29th, 06:12am Mario Golf All courses N64 DeathBasket 01:03:42
Sun Jul 5th, 06:09am Mario Kart 64 All Cups with Skips N64 flippy_O 00:31:31
Tue Jun 30th, 05:17am Marvel land Any% Normal Genesis Therio 00:20:27
Thu Jul 2nd, 07:35pm Mega Man 10 Any% Wii Ajarmar 00:35:50
Thu Jul 2nd, 06:05pm Mega Man 3 Any% NES COOLKID 00:35:57
Thu Jul 2nd, 06:50pm Mega Man 5 Any% NES Primal85 00:37:27
Thu Jul 2nd, 08:15pm Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater European Extreme PS3 Cerberus 01:25:48
Fri Jul 3rd, 08:27pm Metroid: Zero Mission Any% Game Boy Advance DragonFangs Eagle Mobiusman 00:39:34
Mon Jun 29th, 06:16pm Mirror's Edge Any% PC MrWalrus 00:39:06
Thu Jul 2nd, 01:55am Montezuma's Return! Any% PC Pjoxt 00:29:31
Fri Jul 3rd, 01:47pm Muramasa: The Demon Blade Momohime - Shigurui Any% Wii Trineas 01:37:38
Wed Jul 1st, 05:50am Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom Any% PC Rueake 00:23:56
Sun Jul 5th, 05:29am New Super Mario Bros Wii Any% Wii Ongnissim 00:32:50
Wed Jul 1st, 03:36pm Ninja Gaiden Any% SMS KrazyRasmus 00:17:03
Wed Jul 1st, 04:01pm Ninja Gaiden Any% Pacifist NES Dxtr 00:18:17
Fri Jul 3rd, 12:02pm Ori and the Blind Forest Any% PC Grokken 00:43:31
Sat Jul 4th, 11:44pm Outlaws Any% PC Nord 00:26:55
Tue Jun 30th, 04:32am Overcast - Walden and the Werewolfe Any% PC carska 00:15:54
Fri Jul 3rd, 11:09pm Penumbra - Black Plague Any% PC Kotti 00:21:13
Fri Jul 3rd, 07:05am Pocky & Rocky Any% Normal SNES Akisto 00:22:47
Mon Jun 29th, 07:06pm Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Any% Easy PC FingersTehHand 01:50:16
Wed Jul 1st, 10:08pm Quake Easy 100% PC Elgu 00:44:28
Sun Jul 5th, 06:44am Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked and Loaded NG+ no Insomniac Museum Glitch PS3 eTholon 00:39:53
Sat Jul 4th, 03:59pm Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal Any% ng+ PS2 ThaRixer 00:45:45
Sun Jul 5th, 07:29am Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Any% PS3 xxMergyxx 00:52:21
Wed Jul 1st, 01:56pm Rayman 3 Any% Gamecube poeguyz 01:29:04
Sat Jul 4th, 10:14pm Renegade Ops NG+ Any% Co-op PC Lysteria tyriounet 01:16:09
Thu Jul 2nd, 04:50pm Rockman & Forte 100% All CDs - Rockman only SNES Joka 01:02:16
Sun Jul 5th, 12:24am Second Sight Normal Any% PC Rueake 00:56:48
Tue Jun 30th, 05:47am Secret Ties Any% NES Spiriax 00:14:31
Tue Jun 30th, 04:58am Shadow Blasters Any% Normal Genesis btrim 00:10:44
Fri Jul 3rd, 04:45am Shenmue II NG+ Any% Xbox SeductiveSpatula 02:13:30
Sun Jun 28th, 01:15pm Shrek 2 Any% PC los 00:30:48
Fri Jul 3rd, 11:44pm Silent Hill 3 NG+ PC tdawg91 00:55:35
Sun Jun 28th, 12:00pm Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccons Any% PS2 tHmCS 01:10:44
Mon Jun 29th, 03:51pm Sonic and the Black Knight Any% Wii flyingfox 00:52:20
Mon Jun 29th, 04:56pm Sonic Heroes Team Sonic PC CryticalCyd 01:03:59
Wed Jul 1st, 11:01am Sonic Unleashed Any% PS3 Vallkyr 02:37:12
Wed Jul 1st, 10:30am SpeedRunners Any% PC T1g3r_94 00:08:31
Thu Jul 2nd, 03:50pm Splatoon Any% Wii-U poeguyz 01:02:55
Sat Jul 4th, 09:19pm Splinter Cell: Blacklist All Co-Op Missions - Perfection Difficulty% PC steve50013 AMVX 00:41:37
Wed Jul 1st, 07:56am Spyro 2:Season of Flame Any% Game Boy Advance Ongnissim 00:33:02
Tue Jun 30th, 09:55pm Star Fox 64 Red Line N64 Pottoww 00:32:53
Thu Jul 2nd, 02:54am Star Trek: Elite Force 2 Any% PC Sphere 01:37:22
Sat Jul 4th, 12:59am Styx: Master of Shadows Any% PC PenAgain 00:58:13
Sun Jun 28th, 04:57pm Super Mario 3D World Any% Wii-U downiebrownie_ 01:53:48
Wed Jul 1st, 05:01pm Super Mario Bros. 3 100% NES Duckfist 01:17:21
Tue Jun 30th, 06:07pm Super Mario Galaxy Any% Luigi Wii 360Chrism 02:46:44
Sun Jul 5th, 02:37pm Super Mario Sunshine 120 shines Wii stelzig 03:25:28
Tue Jun 30th, 09:37pm Super Smash Bros. Melee Adventure Mode Very Hard Gamecube Fuzzyness 00:10:26
Thu Jul 2nd, 10:30pm SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate All Maps Hard (co-op) PC Adam_ak COOLKID lurk Noobest Pjoxt Shrimp Vyathacal zastbat S. 01:15:35
Sun Jul 5th, 01:57am Tales of Xillia Milla Story PS3 Neviutz 03:21:20
Tue Jun 30th, 06:12am The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Any% NES COOLKID Badbrakes 00:12:29
Mon Jun 29th, 08:12am The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie Normal SNES Alicon 00:22:05
Sun Jul 5th, 11:49am The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Any% Wii Jodenstone 00:31:41
Sun Jul 5th, 12:27pm The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [2 Player 1 Controller] All Dungeons N64 thiefbug SlaskPrask 02:39:34
Fri Jul 3rd, 04:02pm The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Any% Gamecube Demon9 04:16:43
Thu Jul 2nd, 01:15am The Wheel of Time Any% PC Savusukka 00:18:08
Wed Jul 1st, 07:33am Tiny Toon Adventures - Babs Big Break Any% Race Game Boy Nudua Joka 00:16:36
Fri Jul 3rd, 10:05am Tomba! Any% PSP Fuzzness 00:52:33
Wed Jul 1st, 10:46am Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Any% (easy) PC Domakr 00:08:41
Fri Jul 3rd, 09:20am Trip World Any% Game Boy Nudua 00:07:41
Sun Jul 5th, 01:24am Two Brothers Any% PC Rueake 00:21:16
Thu Jul 2nd, 01:11am Two Worlds Any% PC Nikneim 00:02:24
Mon Jun 29th, 11:02am Uninvited Any% NES Crippe Nissebils 00:11:44
Thu Jul 2nd, 11:45pm Unreal Any% PC Fatzke 01:00:42
Sun Jun 28th, 04:05pm Wario Land II Main Story Game Boy PuppetMaster 00:36:30
Wed Jul 1st, 06:20am Wendy: Every Witch Way Any% (Normal) GBC Bangerra 00:20:07
Tue Jun 30th, 06:37am Wizards & Warriors Any% NES Dxtr Badbrakes 00:15:25
Wed Jul 1st, 04:55am Wizkid Any% Amiga RoboSparkle 00:30:00
Tue Jun 30th, 08:27am World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Co-op race Genesis Edenal Grukk FingersTehHand Poginton 00:22:06
Thu Jul 2nd, 04:54am Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories World Tournament PS1 xxMergyxx 00:58:03
Wed Jul 1st, 06:23pm Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 100% All Keys 2 players 1 controller NES Pro_JN Badbrakes 01:26:33
Thu Jul 2nd, 06:44am Zombies Ate My Neighbours Any% SNES lurk 00:35:34
Thu Jul 2nd, 02:30am Zorro Any% MS-DOS Shrimp 00:16:52