ESA 2019 Winter (One)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Mon Feb 18th, 12:00pm Darksiders 3 All Sins PC Distortion2 00:35:27
Mon Feb 18th, 01:00pm Horizon Zero Dawn TFW NG+ (Ultra Hard) PS4 ElkjaerTV 01:11:40
Mon Feb 18th, 02:20pm Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD Ventus Critical Level 1 Any% PS4 RebelDragon95 00:53:35
Mon Feb 18th, 03:30pm Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Crash 1 Any% PC triggerino1 00:53:01
Mon Feb 18th, 04:40pm Total Overdose Any% PC Tezur0 00:58:07
Mon Feb 18th, 05:50pm Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Any% PC The__VK 01:34:19
Mon Feb 18th, 07:40pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% no SSU PC English_Ben 00:59:15
Mon Feb 18th, 08:45pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ACE Showcase PC gaeldemarseille 00:14:14
Mon Feb 18th, 09:10pm Resident Evil 2 (2019) Claire B PC Distortion2 01:04:17
Mon Feb 18th, 10:40pm The Stalin Subway: Red Veil All Chapters, Easy PC Tezur0 00:09:37
Mon Feb 18th, 10:55pm The Slater Any% Glitchless PC Truljin 00:23:56
Mon Feb 18th, 11:35pm The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game Any% PC Makkebakke 00:08:59
Mon Feb 18th, 11:55pm The Evil Within 2 Any% No Major Skips N PC StevieBlu 02:37:42
Tue Feb 19th, 02:55am Brütal Legend L.A. Noire % PC Makkebakke SimpleUnit 01:29:58
Tue Feb 19th, 04:35am The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth Evil Campaign PC Eidgod 01:14:26
Tue Feb 19th, 05:55am Castle Crashers Any% PC thatchbro 00:44:05
Tue Feb 19th, 07:20am Ninja Smasher! Kunoichi All Items No KG PC Kennyman666 00:29:23
Tue Feb 19th, 08:05am PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist Any% PC Ryedwag 00:41:46
Tue Feb 19th, 08:57am Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King All Bosses PC Wiredwicky 00:53:44
Tue Feb 19th, 10:07am FAR: Lone Sails Any% Pre-Patch PC SoberCorewin 01:00:33
Tue Feb 19th, 11:22am LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (DS) Free Play RTA DS LaserTrap_ 00:52:26
Tue Feb 19th, 12:25pm XCOM 2 Any% Normal With DLC PC Tricr0w 00:00:00
Tue Feb 19th, 02:20pm Fortix Any% PC Tezur0 00:17:46
Tue Feb 19th, 02:52pm Tetris Attack V-Hard SNES Wiredwicky 00:11:08
Tue Feb 19th, 03:14pm Q.U.B.E. 2 Lost Orbit DLC (All Chambers) PC eTholon Fatzke 00:14:49
Tue Feb 19th, 03:44pm Impulsion Any% PC SBVille 00:19:33
Tue Feb 19th, 04:19pm Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Story - Easy (NG) PC Ryedwag 00:14:11
Tue Feb 19th, 04:49pm Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Easy NG PC English_Ben 00:59:27
Tue Feb 19th, 06:04pm Distance Adventure - Campaign+ PC Brionac95 00:36:37
Tue Feb 19th, 06:44pm Distance Lost to Echoes - Default PC Brionac95 00:17:08
Tue Feb 19th, 07:14pm Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic's Story (No MSG) Xbox 360 RebelDragon95 01:11:40
Tue Feb 19th, 08:34pm Mega Man 11 Any%, Normal Switch Samura1man 00:39:16
Tue Feb 19th, 09:29pm The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck Any% SMS KrazyRasmus 00:18:04
Tue Feb 19th, 09:49pm Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Any% Genesis linkboss 00:20:19
Tue Feb 19th, 10:11pm Streets of Rage 2-Players Glitchless Easy Genesis TitansofCoOp 00:26:47
Tue Feb 19th, 10:56pm Darkest Dungeon Boss% Necromancer PC Tricr0w 00:31:07
Tue Feb 19th, 11:36pm Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Any% Xbox 360 Kennyman666 00:00:00
Wed Feb 20th, 12:01am Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic, Any% Genesis linkboss 00:27:12
Wed Feb 20th, 12:51am Dungeons & Dragons 5e TPK% Paper Zephyyr & Friends 04:22:48
Wed Feb 20th, 06:01am Danger Zone Any% PC Makkebakke 01:00:33
Wed Feb 20th, 07:11am Grand Theft Auto II All Missions, Downtown PC Tezur0 WordofWind 00:56:04
Wed Feb 20th, 08:26am Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Any% PSP Joshimuz 04:04:55
Wed Feb 20th, 12:51pm Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Any% PSP Joshimuz 00:06:30
Wed Feb 20th, 01:06pm Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Any% PC Eidgod 01:19:53
Wed Feb 20th, 02:36pm Dark Souls Any% PC Noobest 00:52:37
Wed Feb 20th, 03:41pm Fable: The Lost Chapters Any% PC Etem 01:23:47
Wed Feb 20th, 05:26pm Deltarune Any% NG+ PC yisk 00:28:05
Wed Feb 20th, 06:20pm Final Fantasy Any% Gamecube Metako Leonis07 03:16:09
Wed Feb 20th, 09:40pm Super Mario Fallen Stars 24 Star PC 360Chrism 00:24:11
Wed Feb 20th, 10:15pm Super Mario Odyssey Any% Switch Dansta2106 MyNameIsZYPER 01:02:21
Wed Feb 20th, 11:36pm Golden Axe Any% Co-Op Genesis TitansofCoOp 00:09:28
Thu Feb 21st, 12:06am Pingu : Sekai de ichiban genki na penguin Any% Game Boy linkboss 00:13:49
Thu Feb 21st, 12:36am Youyou Kengeki Musou 100% No Extra (Hard) PC Naro 00:20:59
Thu Feb 21st, 01:09am Battle Chef Brigade Any% Normal PC Tricr0w 01:09:48
Thu Feb 21st, 02:39am Friday the 13th / Jaws / A Boy & His Blob Speedrun Tutorial NES 8-Bit Steve KrazyRasmus 00:27:23
Thu Feb 21st, 03:29am Pokémon Red DDR% Glitchless Game Boy AEtienne 02:19:56
Thu Feb 21st, 06:14am You Are Empty Any% Sprint PC Tezur0 00:36:23
Thu Feb 21st, 06:54am Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 SpecOps - Veteran PC The__VK 01:08:59
Thu Feb 21st, 08:19am OCTAHEDRON Any% PC Christerious 01:05:06
Thu Feb 21st, 09:41am Semblance All Orbs PC Wombrax 00:27:49
Thu Feb 21st, 10:23am ABZU Glitchless Blue Suit Any% PC ChariseH 00:34:11
Thu Feb 21st, 11:10am Subnautica Survival Any% PC salvner 00:51:33
Thu Feb 21st, 12:23pm Pokémon Black/White Any% Nintendo DS AEtienne Retrotato 03:31:55
Thu Feb 21st, 04:18pm Perfect Stride 169 Pyramids PC PurkisM 00:08:50
Thu Feb 21st, 04:35pm Back to Gaya Any% (No Level Skip) PC Truljin 00:35:34
Thu Feb 21st, 05:23pm X-17 Cr1TiKaL Rules Any% PC Steeltofu 00:24:28
Thu Feb 21st, 05:56pm S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky All Main Missions PC The__VK 01:46:13
Thu Feb 21st, 08:01pm Swarm (MorphX) Any% PC Tezur0 00:47:51
Thu Feb 21st, 09:03pm Grand Theft Auto 2 Any% PS1 WordofWind 00:14:48
Thu Feb 21st, 09:33pm Dark Souls II All Bosses PC Distortion2 02:25:49
Fri Feb 22nd, 12:28am Dark Souls II Any% PC Noobest Distortion2 00:23:03
Fri Feb 22nd, 01:03am Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned Any% PC nozlar 01:19:04
Fri Feb 22nd, 02:51am Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Any% Nintendo New 3DS wartab 03:13:38
Fri Feb 22nd, 06:35am Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu Any% PS Leonis07 01:04:59
Fri Feb 22nd, 07:50am Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro The Dragon (120%) PS4 ElkjaerTV 01:52:30
Fri Feb 22nd, 09:57am Iconoclasts All Bosses (Relaxed) PC PurkisM 02:16:28
Fri Feb 22nd, 12:34pm Kingdom Hearts 3 Any% Beginner (JP) PS4 IrregularJinny 04:34:59
Fri Feb 22nd, 05:44pm Super Mario 64 Bingo Wii VC 360Chrism 00:41:56
Fri Feb 22nd, 06:39pm Super Mario 64 TAS Showcase N64 fplush 00:28:03
Fri Feb 22nd, 07:29pm Super Mario Bros. Warpless NES at_c 00:20:27
Fri Feb 22nd, 08:08pm Yoshi's Story All Levels Wii VC LoveBot 01:18:37
Fri Feb 22nd, 09:38pm Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ABRSR Xbox 360 Metako 00:46:09
Fri Feb 22nd, 10:38pm Super Skelemania Any% PC TwoCPlus 00:11:45
Fri Feb 22nd, 11:10pm Celeste 100% PC Blueye95 MooseSR Swesie Psyched_SR 01:58:06
Sat Feb 23rd, 01:30am Yooka-Laylee Any% PC hedweg iKainalo 00:14:21
Sat Feb 23rd, 02:00am Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Crash 3 any% PC Murcaz 00:51:48
Sat Feb 23rd, 03:01am Super Magnetic Neo Any% Dreamcast Truljin 00:56:21
Sat Feb 23rd, 04:26am Gekraxel Showcase PC Spelkollektivet 00:46:06
Sat Feb 23rd, 05:21am Omensight Any% PC AEtienne 01:32:31
Sat Feb 23rd, 07:01am Le Fantabulous Game Any% V 0.9 PC LittleZero 00:24:40
Sat Feb 23rd, 07:41am Yo! Noid 2 Any% Legacy PC Christerious 00:17:02
Sat Feb 23rd, 08:02am Renowned Explorers: International Society Any% PC Tricr0w 00:00:00
Sat Feb 23rd, 08:17am Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee True Co-Op Switch RoboSparkle Retrotato Raagentreg wartab 03:43:25
Sat Feb 23rd, 12:48pm Pokémon Red/Blue Any% No Save Corruption Game Boy G3neziz 00:13:56
Sat Feb 23rd, 01:18pm Pokémon Trading Card Game Any% With Tutorial GBC Raagentreg 01:09:58
Sat Feb 23rd, 02:38pm Super Mario 64 TAS Showcase PC fplush 00:23:50
Sat Feb 23rd, 03:10pm Mario Party Mini-Game Island Any% N64 360Chrism Fuzzyness 00:40:13
Sat Feb 23rd, 04:05pm Super Smash Bros Melee All Stars Very Easy (RNG Manip) Wii Fuzzyness 00:18:04
Sat Feb 23rd, 04:30pm The Messenger Linear, No OoB PC TwoCPlus 00:43:35
Sat Feb 23rd, 05:26pm The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Any% Gamecube Samura1man 03:25:54
Sat Feb 23rd, 09:01pm Super Mario Bros. 3 Warpless NES at_c 01:00:30
Sat Feb 23rd, 10:11pm Cuphead All Bosses - Regular, Legacy PC kalevan_herra Kirthar TwoCPlus 00:28:24
Sat Feb 23rd, 10:41pm Cuphead All Bosses - Regular, Current Patch PC kalevan_herra 00:36:37