ESA 2012

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Thu Aug 16th, 01:00pm DuckTales Any% Difficult Race Dxtr Frezy_Man 00:08:23
Thu Aug 16th, 01:09pm DuckTales 2 Any% Difficult Race Dxtr Frezy_Man 00:10:56
Thu Aug 16th, 01:30pm Chip 'N' Dale: Rescue Rangers Any% Race Dxtr Frezy_Man 00:11:15
Thu Aug 16th, 01:50pm The Lion King Any% Easy Frezy_Man 00:18:25
Thu Aug 16th, 02:10pm World of Illusion Mickey Edenal 00:17:17
Thu Aug 16th, 02:35pm Realm Any% WERY 00:23:59
Thu Aug 16th, 03:05pm Crash Twinsanity Any% Synj 01:09:21
Thu Aug 16th, 04:56pm Super Mario Kart Mushroom Frezy_Man 00:18:49
Thu Aug 16th, 05:24pm Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game NG+ Kennyman666 00:51:51
Thu Aug 16th, 06:55pm Battletoads Any% No WW Dxtr 00:24:38
Thu Aug 16th, 07:25pm Batman: Return of the Joker Any% WERY 00:17:26
Thu Aug 16th, 07:50pm Batman: Arkham Asylum Any% Easy RoboSparkle 02:24:06
Thu Aug 16th, 10:10pm Castlevania Any% Dxtr 00:14:14
Thu Aug 16th, 10:40pm Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Richter All Bosses Ozzy88 00:40:30
Thu Aug 16th, 11:25pm Resident Evil 2 Claire B Carcinogen 00:58:50
Fri Aug 17th, 12:30am The Goonies Any% WERY 00:19:17
Fri Aug 17th, 12:55am Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Tails TimpZ 00:50:15
Fri Aug 17th, 02:05am Metroid Any% Warpless Dxtr 00:22:24
Fri Aug 17th, 02:35am Super Metroid Any% NMG Kottpower 00:55:29
Fri Aug 17th, 03:55am Metroid Prime Any% Race A-M Dalfen 01:48:49
Fri Aug 17th, 05:20am Donkey Kong Country 101% Tompa 00:53:52
Fri Aug 17th, 06:55am Batman: Arkham City Any% Hard w/ Cat RoboSparkle 03:09:55
Fri Aug 17th, 10:20am Duo Princess Any% Mint Kennyman666 00:14:42
Fri Aug 17th, 10:40am Penumbra: Overture Any% Kotti 00:26:20
Fri Aug 17th, 11:00am Penumbra: Black Plague Any% Kotti 00:27:47
Fri Aug 17th, 11:20am Penumbra: Requiem Any% Kotti 00:22:13
Fri Aug 17th, 12:10pm Hitman: Blood Money PRO/SA Kotti 00:48:43
Fri Aug 17th, 01:10pm Contra Any% Frezy_Man 00:10:35
Fri Aug 17th, 01:30pm Super C Any% Frezy_Man 00:15:37
Fri Aug 17th, 01:50pm Shadowgate Glitchless Race Crippe Niss3 00:16:08
Fri Aug 17th, 03:10pm Spyro 2 40 Orb Race Neviutz Synj Cyprys RoboSparkle 01:22:00
Fri Aug 17th, 05:10pm Rygar Any% No WW Race Arctic_Eagle WERY 00:27:17
Fri Aug 17th, 05:55pm James Pond Any% RoboSparkle 00:24:28
Fri Aug 17th, 06:55pm James Pond 2 Any% RoboSparkle 00:33:43
Fri Aug 17th, 06:15pm James Pond 3 Any% RoboSparkle 01:10:41
Sat Aug 18th, 12:45am Zelda II 100% All Keys 1CC Race Pro_JN Arctic_Eagle 01:30:13
Sat Aug 18th, 12:46am Zelda II: The Adventure of Link No OoB Arctic_Eagle 01:16:09
Sat Aug 18th, 02:40am Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Any% Tompa 02:14:30
Sat Aug 18th, 04:50am Zelda: Ocarina of Time Any% A-M 00:24:40
Sat Aug 18th, 06:40am Mega Man 2 Any% Normal Race Frezy_Man Arwa 00:32:40
Sat Aug 18th, 07:25am Mega Man 3 Any% Frezy_Man 00:39:51
Sat Aug 18th, 08:15am Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! Normal Edenal 00:27:13
Sat Aug 18th, 08:45am Mega Man X3 100% IrregularJinny 00:57:24
Sat Aug 18th, 09:15am Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 100% Cyprys 02:25:20
Sat Aug 18th, 11:30am Mega Man X 100% Race IrregularJinny Frezy_Man 00:39:11
Sat Aug 18th, 12:20pm Mega Man X2 100% Race Frezy_Man IrregularJinny 00:44:19
Sat Aug 18th, 02:10pm Mario Kart: Double Dash!! All Cup Tour Race 2 Runners 00:42:02
Sat Aug 18th, 03:10pm Kung Fu Game A Frezy_Man 00:04:23
Sat Aug 18th, 03:20pm Ninja Gaiden Any% Race Arctic_Eagle Dxtr 00:13:39
Sat Aug 18th, 03:40pm Hudson's Adventure Island Any% Ktwo 00:50:07
Sat Aug 18th, 04:40pm Power Blade Any% Normal Crippe 00:27:30
Sat Aug 18th, 05:10pm TMNT II: The Arcade Game Any% Frezy_Man 00:39:09
Sat Aug 18th, 06:25pm Trojan Beat the Game Dxtr 00:07:14
Sat Aug 18th, 06:35pm Solomon's Key Best Ending Warpless Ktwo 00:37:38
Sat Aug 18th, 07:25pm Ghosts 'n' Goblins Any% 2 Loops Dxtr 00:27:55
Sat Aug 18th, 08:00pm Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight Any% WERY 00:24:46
Sat Aug 18th, 08:35pm Hebereke 100% Ufouria Kennyman666 00:52:04
Sat Aug 18th, 09:50pm Rosenkreuzstilette Any% Tia Dalfen 00:37:46
Sat Aug 18th, 10:35pm Catherine Story Normal Neviutz 01:53:19
Sun Aug 19th, 01:20am Wizards & Warriors III 100% Arwa 00:35:31
Sun Aug 19th, 02:10am North & South Level 3 Difficulty Svenne 00:02:14
Sun Aug 19th, 02:15am Gimmick! Best Ending Glitchless Svenne 00:25:24
Sun Aug 19th, 02:50am Metal Storm Any% WERY 00:15:31
Sun Aug 19th, 03:15am Cobra Triangle Any% Ktwo 00:22:55
Sun Aug 19th, 03:50am Mega Bomberman Any% RoboSparkle 00:48:29
Sun Aug 19th, 04:00am Goof Troop Co-op Alko Edenal 00:23:05
Sun Aug 19th, 05:25am Journey Red Robe Any% Synj 00:54:35
Sun Aug 19th, 06:45am Tetris Attack Hard Niss3 00:11:19
Sun Aug 19th, 07:05am Super Mario Bros. Warpless Frezy_Man 00:25:56
Sun Aug 19th, 07:30am Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% Race Dxtr Svenne 00:12:49
Sun Aug 19th, 07:50am Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% No WW Frezy_Man 00:13:24
Sun Aug 19th, 08:05am Super Mario 64 70 Star CpKaka 00:53:23