ESA 2014 (Purple)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Wed Jul 31st, 07:05am 40 Winks Any% PS1 Bangerra 00:34:56
Wed Jul 31st, 08:15am A week of Garfield Any% NES COOLKID 00:10:58
Thu Aug 1st, 04:55am Abadox 100% NES WERY 00:17:13
Sun Jul 28th, 04:40am American Gladiators Any% SNES Klosty 00:05:01
Wed Jul 31st, 04:20am Antichamber 120 Signs PC WydD 00:15:45
Sat Jul 27th, 01:10pm Ape Escape 3 Any% PS2 Cerberus 01:18:41
Fri Aug 2nd, 05:40am Asterix Any% NES Svenne 00:07:24
Fri Aug 2nd, 03:45pm Batman Any% Threeway NES Badbrakes InfestedRiche Dxtr 00:11:13
Fri Aug 2nd, 04:25am Batman 2: Return of the Joker 100% NES WERY 00:17:14
Sun Jul 28th, 07:10am Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Any% NES Airrider Spiriax 00:44:05
Fri Aug 2nd, 12:20am Bayonetta Any% Xbox 360 General_Beatrix 02:01:00
Wed Jul 31st, 09:40am Bionic Commando Rearmed 100% (Normal) Xbox 360 Kennyman666 01:00:19
Tue Jul 30th, 01:15am Bioshock Any% PC MrHara 00:59:44
Sat Jul 27th, 06:15pm Borderlands Any% PC Incalex 02:39:31
Mon Jul 29th, 04:30am Bubble Ghost Any% Game Boy Joka 00:07:20
Tue Jul 30th, 06:05am Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow Soma Any% (Normal) Game Boy Advance Charleon 00:19:29
Fri Aug 2nd, 08:15am Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers All Zones NES Joka Nudua 00:13:58
Fri Aug 2nd, 03:20pm Contra Any% NES Frezy_Man 00:10:51
Sun Jul 28th, 01:30pm Crash Bandicoot 2 Any% No Game Over Abuse PS2 Zoton2 00:52:20
Sat Jul 27th, 12:00pm Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Any% PC PuppetMaster 00:47:00
Thu Aug 1st, 02:15am Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Any% PC Elgu 00:40:43
Sun Jul 28th, 07:20pm Dark Souls All Bosses PC Noobest 02:27:26
Tue Jul 30th, 09:35pm Diddy Kong Racing Any% N64 MrsGizamaluke 00:47:51
Wed Jul 31st, 03:55pm Disney Extreme Skate Adventure Any% PS2 Chrno 00:18:50
Sun Jul 28th, 05:50am Donald Land Any% FAM Klosty 00:15:02
Tue Jul 30th, 06:55pm Donkey Kong Country 2 Any% SNES Klosty 00:48:16
Tue Jul 30th, 07:45pm Donkey Kong Country Returns Any% Wii PartyStar 01:39:09
Fri Aug 2nd, 02:50pm DuckTales Any% Race (Difficult) NES Dxtr Nudua 00:08:03
Sun Jul 28th, 08:05am DuckTales 2 Good Ending Game Boy Bangerra 00:20:57
Fri Aug 2nd, 03:05pm DuckTales 2 Any% Race (Difficult) NES Dxtr Bangerra 00:08:49
Fri Aug 2nd, 03:40am Duo Princess Any% Co-op PC Kennyman666 00:14:48
Wed Jul 31st, 03:00am E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy Any% NG+ PC Ariwa 00:23:52
Mon Jul 29th, 01:00am Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Any% Gamecube Zwajken 02:20:02
Wed Jul 31st, 01:25pm Final Fantasy IV DieHard% 64 Floor Glitch SNES xemorej 02:40:08
Tue Jul 30th, 02:20am Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Any% (4 Player Co-op) Gamecube Neviutz Cereth Grokken MLSTRM 02:44:35
Thu Aug 1st, 05:15am Friday the 13th Any% NES Dxtr 00:11:23
Sat Jul 27th, 05:25pm F-Zero X Master GP N64 WMJ 00:40:44
Sun Jul 28th, 08:30am Gex (64) Enter the Gecko Any% N64 exe_de 00:56:34
Mon Jul 29th, 06:55am Ghouls N' Ghosts Any% (Professional) Genesis Chucat 00:19:19
Thu Aug 1st, 10:45am Golden Sun 100% Game Boy Advance BaalNocturno 04:54:49
Fri Aug 2nd, 07:45am Goof Troop Co-op (Hard Mode) SNES Edenal 00:24:30
Wed Jul 31st, 07:25pm Grand Theft Auto 3 Any% PC Eidgod 01:19:07
Wed Jul 31st, 12:30am Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Bingo PC Lighnat0r Eidgod Tyr menno888 02:19:39
Tue Jul 30th, 05:55am Great Giana Sisters Warps% Amiga RoboSparkle 00:09:59
Fri Aug 2nd, 04:55am Gunman Clive Any% 3DS Greenalink 00:16:35
Thu Aug 1st, 09:45am Gunstar Heroes Any% PC Goldphnx 00:53:34
Wed Jul 31st, 08:55pm Half-Life Any% (Hard) PC COOLKID 00:41:01
Wed Jul 31st, 09:45pm Half-Life 2 Any% Something PC Elgu Noobest Wakecole Paprikakiller 01:51:18
Sat Jul 27th, 11:35pm Half-Life 2: Episode One Any% PC S. 00:52:42
Sun Jul 28th, 12:35am Half-Life 2: Episode Two Any% Race PC S. Elgu 00:55:41
Thu Aug 1st, 01:15am Hitman Blood Money PRO/SA PC Kotti 00:47:47
Sun Jul 28th, 05:20am Ice Climbers Any% NES Badbrakes 00:17:47
Tue Jul 30th, 05:35am InFlux Any% PC Rueake 00:18:52
Tue Jul 30th, 08:15am Ittle Dew 100% PC eTholon 00:41:39
Tue Jul 30th, 12:50pm Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy 100% PS2 Rozer 02:04:27
Sun Jul 28th, 04:15pm Jak 3 Any% PS2 ThaRixer 00:41:37
Sun Jul 28th, 02:35pm Jak II: Renegade Any% PS2 ThaRixer 01:25:55
Fri Aug 2nd, 08:35am Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Any% (Critical Mode) PS2 Bl00dyBizkitz 03:52:04
Mon Jul 29th, 04:40am Kirby's Dream Land Any% Game Boy Bangerra 00:12:08
Sun Jul 28th, 06:10am Kung Fu Any% NES Badbrakes 00:04:09
Mon Jul 29th, 11:40pm Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light NG+ Co-op PC Kotti Ariwa 00:25:22
Thu Aug 1st, 05:45am Leaf Me Alone 100% PC Gyoo 00:12:44
Thu Aug 1st, 08:10am Lego Racers Any% PC Yvathacal 00:44:13
Mon Jul 29th, 09:50am Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Any% PS3 Neviutz 02:46:02
Wed Jul 31st, 08:35am Little Nemo: The Dream Master Any% NES Joka 00:25:36
Wed Jul 31st, 07:45am Little Samson Any% (Normal) NES Primal 00:16:45
Fri Aug 2nd, 05:55am Magical Quest 2: The Great Circus Mystery Any% Co-op (Normal) SFC Grukk Edenal 00:24:25
Thu Aug 1st, 06:10am Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour All Courses Wii DeathBasket 01:13:07
Wed Jul 31st, 05:05pm Mario Kart: Double Dash All Cups Tour 150cc Gamecube LyftarN Druvan 00:34:40
Thu Aug 1st, 07:45am Mario Tennis Tennis% Wii VC Cerberus DeathBasket 00:14:16
Sat Jul 27th, 09:35pm Mass Effect 2 Any% PC Tentaclepie 01:49:30
Tue Jul 30th, 12:25am Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne DoA PC Shrimp 00:42:02
Tue Jul 30th, 05:55pm Mega Man Any% Foursome Race NES Nudua Primal Dxtr COOLKID 00:20:48
Tue Jul 30th, 05:15pm Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal/Difficult) NES Nudua 00:32:43
Tue Jul 30th, 04:25pm Mega Man 5 Any% NES Primal 00:38:10
Tue Jul 30th, 03:10pm Mega Man 8 Any% Cutscenes SNES Joka 01:02:18
Wed Jul 31st, 12:00pm Mega Man Network Transmission Any% Gamecube Crippe 01:18:26
Mon Jul 29th, 07:05pm Mega Man X2 Any% SFC Ajarmar 00:36:14
Wed Jul 31st, 11:00am Mega Man X3 Low% SFC IrregularJinny 00:53:44
Mon Jul 29th, 07:25pm Mega Man ZX Any% (Normal) NDS Joka 01:02:11
Mon Jul 29th, 10:30pm Metal Gear Rising Any% NG+ Xbox 360 General_Beatrix 00:57:44
Mon Jul 29th, 08:40pm Metal Gear Solid Any% (Extreme) PS1 mrhazuki 01:20:21
Mon Jul 29th, 05:30am Metal Storm Any% NES WERY 00:14:34
Sat Jul 27th, 02:20pm Metroid Fusion Any% Game Boy DragonFangs 01:23:08
Thu Aug 1st, 10:50pm Metroid: Zero Mission 100% Race Game Boy Advance DragonFangs Mobiusman 01:15:22
Tue Jul 30th, 09:10am Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon Any% N64 Trineas 01:46:54
Tue Jul 30th, 07:35am Nazo no Murasame Jou Any% NES Chauzu_VGC 00:11:55
Fri Aug 2nd, 01:25pm New Super Mario Bros. 2 With Warps 3DS Greenalink 00:27:44
Thu Aug 1st, 03:15am Nitronic Rush Story+Hardcore PC Yvathacal 00:21:24
Fri Aug 2nd, 03:10am Noitu Love 2: Devolution Any% (Hard) PC Rueake 00:25:31
Sun Jul 28th, 05:45am North & South Any% NES Svenne1138 00:02:43
Sun Jul 28th, 01:45am Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Any% Xbox Dalfen 01:20:16
Tue Jul 30th, 07:50am Pang Co-op Amiga RoboSparkle Oasiz 00:19:11
Tue Jul 30th, 06:25am Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble 3 Co-op Amiga RoboSparkle TheGons 00:55:00
Mon Jul 29th, 09:10am Pocky & Rocky Any% SNES Akisto 00:23:02
Thu Aug 1st, 04:45pm Pokémon Leaf Green Any% Game Boy MEvRNG 02:29:27
Mon Jul 29th, 05:50am Power Blade Any% (Normal) NES InfestedRiche 00:20:07
Mon Jul 29th, 06:20am Power Blade 2 Any% NES InfestedRiche 00:22:58
Wed Jul 31st, 03:40am Q.U.B.E. Any% PC eTholon 00:29:53
Mon Jul 29th, 07:20am Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Any% Co-op TheGons Meridian 00:48:36
Mon Jul 29th, 08:40am Roller Games 100% NES WERY 00:22:06
Sun Jul 28th, 06:20am Shadow of the Ninja Any% NES Charleon 00:14:15
Thu Aug 1st, 05:30am Shadowgate Any% Glitched NES Crippe 00:12:27
Mon Jul 29th, 08:05am Shatterhand Any% NES InfestedRiche 00:31:03
Wed Jul 31st, 06:00am Shinobi Any% 3DS Greenalink 00:56:53
Sun Jul 28th, 11:45pm Silent Hill 2 Any% tdawg 01:01:11
Mon Jul 29th, 01:05pm Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Story Therio 00:50:52
Mon Jul 29th, 01:55pm Sonic Colours Egg Shuttle TimpZ 00:56:14
Mon Jul 29th, 03:05pm Sonic Generations Any% PC Sonicku98 01:24:45
Fri Aug 2nd, 04:00am Spinmaster 100% NeoGeo AES WERY 00:15:26
Sun Jul 28th, 09:10pm Splinter Cell: Blacklist Ghost% PC Nikneim 02:21:19
Sun Jul 28th, 06:40am Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight 100% NES WERY 00:22:35
Fri Aug 2nd, 03:35pm Strider Any% NES Bangerra COOLKID InfestedRiche Badbrakes 00:04:33
Thu Aug 1st, 07:25pm Super Mario 64 120 Star Race N64 Hampern Noizeeh Fuzzy 01:49:41
Fri Aug 2nd, 02:00pm Super Mario Bros. 2 All Levels NES Svenne 00:29:36
Fri Aug 2nd, 02:30pm Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% NES Frezy_Man 00:12:07
Wed Jul 31st, 05:45pm Super Mario Sunshine Any% Gamecube Chrism 01:24:26
Mon Jul 29th, 05:05pm Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island Any% Warpless Race SNES Sape Steady 01:51:50
Thu Aug 1st, 09:25pm Super Metroid 100% SNES Kottpower 01:18:43
Thu Aug 1st, 12:05am Swat 4 n+1 Player Co-op PC COOLKID 00:42:07
Fri Aug 2nd, 04:45am Takeshi's Challenge Any% NES SlaskPrask 00:05:18
Wed Jul 31st, 09:05am Tetrisphere Puzzle Mode Any% (Blindfolded) N64 MeridianPrime 00:48:58
Mon Jul 29th, 04:55am The Addams Family Any% Race Game Boy Bangerra Chucat 00:01:37
Fri Aug 2nd, 04:35pm The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 100% Co-op Wii VC GoronGuy VPP thiefbug ennopp 05:38:00
Sun Jul 28th, 09:40am The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Any% DS Greenalink 03:33:55
Tue Jul 30th, 10:45pm Timesplitters: Future Perfect Any% Hard Gamecube JangBang 01:35:03
Thu Aug 1st, 09:00am Toejam and Earl Co-op SNES Shrimp Cruxit 00:46:06
Sun Jul 28th, 05:35pm Tomb Raider 2013 Any% (Normal) PC JustShanz 01:22:02
Wed Jul 31st, 04:15pm Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Any% (Normal) PC Chrno 00:13:54
Thu Aug 1st, 03:40am Tunnel Rats Awful% PC Kotti 00:42:48
Fri Aug 2nd, 06:25am Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Any% Gamecube MLSTRM 01:16:23
Mon Jul 29th, 05:05am Umihara Kawase Longest path NDS Kennyman666 00:17:02
Mon Jul 29th, 05:25am Umihara Kawase Shortest Path NDS Kennyman666 00:02:47
Sun Jul 28th, 04:50am UN Squadron Any% Race SNES KVD Meridian 00:21:26
Fri Aug 2nd, 05:20am Uncraft Me! All Stages Kennyman666 00:14:32
Tue Jul 30th, 11:10am Whiplash All Keycards% Xbox Rueake 01:29:52
Sat Jul 27th, 04:00pm Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 100% All Keys NES Pro_JN 01:18:03