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Game Platform Category Event Runners Time Play
Rygar Any% No WW Race ESA 2012 Arctic_Eagle WERY 00:27:17
Zelda II 100% All Keys 1CC Race ESA 2012 Pro_JN Arctic_Eagle 01:30:13
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link No OoB ESA 2012 Arctic_Eagle 01:16:09
Ninja Gaiden Any% Race ESA 2012 Arctic_Eagle Dxtr 00:13:39
Ninja Gaiden NES Any% ESA 2013 Dxtr Arctic_Eagle 00:12:16
Rygar NES Any% No WW ESA 2013 Arctic_Eagle WERY 00:26:11
Zelda II NES NMG ESA 2013 Pro_JN Arctic_Eagle 01:01:22