ESA 2014 (Yellow)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Fri Aug 1st, 10:00am 3D Dot Game Heroes Any% NG+ PS4 Arzga 02:19:41
Thu Jul 31st, 05:10am Audiosurf Song Donations PC Chrno 00:56:07
Fri Aug 1st, 01:40pm Bastion NG+ Any% PC Cereth Incalex 00:14:20
Wed Jul 30th, 06:00pm Batman: Arkham City Any% Xbox 360 RoboSparkle 02:15:23
Tue Jul 29th, 10:05am Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Any% PC icedpingu 01:26:05
Tue Jul 29th, 07:35am Beer - The Last Eichhof Beat the Game% Winkl0r 00:15:37
Mon Jul 28th, 09:30pm Beyond Good & Evil Any% PC lillbrorsan 02:38:17
Thu Jul 31st, 03:05pm Blind Exhibition - Rick Dangerous Showoff blind% Amiga RoboSparkle Badbrakes 01:30:15
Thu Jul 31st, 01:15am Chaos Legion Any% (Sieg Hard Difficulty) PS2 deathtome 01:42:00
Tue Jul 29th, 05:40am Cloudbuilt All Levels PC MeridianPrime 01:14:00
Fri Aug 1st, 05:50am Crash Team Racing Any% PS1 flippy_O Joshimuz 00:58:32
Fri Aug 1st, 09:40pm Dark Souls 2 Any% PC Noobest 00:26:24
Tue Jul 29th, 08:40pm Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut Any% PC Heinki 01:19:44
Tue Jul 29th, 07:40pm Deus EX Invisible War Any% PC Heinki 00:43:38
Wed Jul 30th, 11:50pm Devil May Cry 1 Any% Normal PS3 AncientAE 01:05:14
Mon Jul 28th, 11:30am Donald Duck Quack Attack Any% Wii Arzga 00:49:33
Fri Aug 1st, 07:20pm Doom Ultra-Violence Episodes 1-3 PC wakecold 00:23:13
Tue Jul 29th, 05:10pm Eye Motion Tracking Exhibition dwalky and zephyyrr 00:24:03
Fri Aug 1st, 01:00pm FEZ Any% Clockless PC Gyoo 00:31:00
Sat Aug 2nd, 10:40am Final Fantasy VII Glitch% (YuffieWarp) PC Kynos 03:33:21
Mon Jul 28th, 01:10pm F-Zero X Staff Ghosts N64 WMJ 00:38:39
Mon Jul 28th, 01:55pm F-Zero X Death Race N64 WMJ 00:01:34
Wed Jul 30th, 03:00pm Glitch Hunting & Glitch Showcase Talk GlitchesAndStuff RoboSparkle AMVX 01:26:12
Tue Jul 29th, 02:05am God of War 3 Any% NG+ PS3 exe_de 01:39:44
Tue Jul 29th, 07:10pm GoldenEye 007 100% N64 illudude 01:08:07
Tue Jul 29th, 10:20pm Grand Theft Auto 2 Downtown All Missions PC Lighnat0r 01:17:46
Thu Jul 31st, 08:35am Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% PC Joshimuz Tirean Ultimaomega07 S. 05:46:03
Fri Aug 1st, 05:35pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% PC Eidgod 01:36:22
Tue Jul 29th, 12:10am Grim Fandango Any% PC AMVX 01:47:06
Fri Aug 1st, 12:35am Hard Reset Beat the Game% PC Winkl0r 01:04:24
Fri Aug 1st, 09:10pm inMomentum Spherehunt/Gamer PC The Paprika Killer 00:30:00
Thu Jul 31st, 10:35pm Island Peril Any% PC icedpingu 01:12:19
Mon Jul 28th, 02:20pm Jet Set Radio 100% Dreamcast Rueake 01:14:15
Thu Jul 31st, 07:35am Mario Kart 64 Time Trials N64 flippy_O 00:56:45
Sat Aug 2nd, 06:20am Mario Kart 64 Skips N64 flippy_O 00:31:39
Sat Aug 2nd, 01:50am Mario Kart: Double Dash 8 player casual Gamecube 01:40:00
Thu Jul 31st, 11:45pm MDK Any% PC Fatzke 00:40:52
Wed Jul 30th, 08:00pm Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Any% Wii MLSTRM 03:23:49
Tue Jul 29th, 01:10pm Ninja Gaiden Pacifist%/Any% donation war NES Dxtr InfestedRiche 00:12:38
Tue Jul 29th, 02:00pm Ninja Gaiden Any% SMS KrazyRasmus 00:18:40
Tue Jul 29th, 01:40pm Ninja Gaiden 3 Any% NES InfestedRiche 00:22:02
Tue Jul 29th, 02:20pm Ninja Gaiden Shadow Any% Game Boy Bangerra 00:14:21
Thu Jul 31st, 07:10am Peggle Extreme Any% Chucat 00:14:08
Fri Aug 1st, 06:55am Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1 Any% Glitched (Offline%) LeFrozer 00:53:58
Fri Aug 1st, 10:20pm Portal Any% Inbounds PC wakecold 00:16:21
Fri Aug 1st, 10:40pm Portal 2 Co-op PC Xebaz D4rw1N 00:48:39
Fri Aug 1st, 07:50pm Quake Any% (Easy) PC COOLKID 00:16:54
Fri Aug 1st, 08:15am Rayman Legends Any% PC EnsgMaster 01:32:38
Thu Jul 31st, 04:35pm Rick Dangerous Any% Amiga RoboSparkle 00:31:38
Thu Jul 31st, 06:10am Rock Band Half Band Xbox 360 Pipe 00:57:23
Tue Jul 29th, 11:30pm Saints Row The Third Any% (Solo, no DLC) PC Tyr 03:49:57
Tue Jul 29th, 03:50am Singularity Any% PC lillbrorsan 01:27:26
Sat Aug 2nd, 09:40am Sonic the Hedgehog Any% Wii TimpZ 00:26:54
Sat Aug 2nd, 10:10am Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Any% Wii TimpZ 00:25:57
Tue Jul 29th, 11:45am SSX 3 All Freestyle Golds Gamecube JangBang 01:09:16
Fri Aug 1st, 08:15pm Star Wars: Dark Forces Any% (Easy) PC / DOS ontwoplanks 00:24:13
Mon Jul 28th, 07:20pm Super Mario Kart All Cups GP150cc SNES KVD 00:32:34
Mon Jul 28th, 08:00pm Super Mario World 96 Exit (100%) SNES Akisto 01:28:34
Wed Jul 30th, 07:30am Tales of Symphonia NG+ Any% Gamecube Baffan 07:20:39
Mon Jul 28th, 04:20pm TAS Tutorial Tompa 01:41:35
Mon Jul 28th, 12:30pm The Lion King Any% NES Bangerra 00:07:25
Sat Aug 2nd, 08:40am The Theory of Sonic Stuff Talk TimpZ 01:01:13
Mon Jul 28th, 12:40pm Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose Any% SNES Edenal 00:28:49
Fri Aug 1st, 11:50pm Titan Quest Any% co-op PC Kotti Ariwa 02:03:30
Tue Jul 29th, 02:40pm Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Any% PS3 DrZaph 01:41:56
Fri Aug 1st, 08:45pm William Shatner's TekWar Any% PC Oasiz 00:26:36
Thu Jul 31st, 09:35pm Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Any% Cutscenes CD-i Tompa 00:54:58