ESA 2018 Summer (Two)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Sun Jul 22nd, 12:00pm Tales of Berseria Any% (NG) PC FellVisage 04:45:08
Sun Jul 22nd, 05:20pm Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King All Bosses Switch Wiredwicky 00:58:20
Sun Jul 22nd, 06:35pm Ristar Any% Megadrive TC_Qlex 00:38:24
Sun Jul 22nd, 07:20pm Pokémon Snap 100% N64 DanteDoes 00:31:17
Sun Jul 22nd, 08:00pm Dog's Life No Major Skips PS2 Zoton2 01:41:57
Sun Jul 22nd, 10:05pm Chroma Squad Any% Legacy (Casual) PC Chfou 01:54:15
Mon Jul 23rd, 08:00am Clumsy Fred Any% (60 Levels) PC ZooKetra 00:17:48
Mon Jul 23rd, 08:30am Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventure Story mode Game Boy Advance Mr_Brood 00:12:27
Mon Jul 23rd, 08:53am Sítio do Picapau Amarelo Any% Sega Master System KrazyRasmus 00:16:54
Mon Jul 23rd, 09:23am Pingu: Sekai de Ichiban Genki na Penguin Any% Game Boy linkboss 00:13:22
Mon Jul 23rd, 09:48am Wild Animal Racing All Cups PC Shigan_ 00:18:05
Mon Jul 23rd, 10:18am Nikita: The Mystery of The Hidden Treasure Any% PC JanMumrik 00:16:12
Mon Jul 23rd, 10:43am Gnomes Vs Fairies: Greckel's Quest Any% PC ZooKetra 00:42:23
Mon Jul 23rd, 11:43am The Land Before Time: Return To The Great Valley Any% PS1 zazztrain 00:19:39
Mon Jul 23rd, 12:18pm Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Any% PC Floubz 01:06:00
Mon Jul 23rd, 01:38pm Prince of Persia 3D Any% PC epicdudeguy 01:37:25
Mon Jul 23rd, 03:33pm XIII Any% PC Zoton2 01:44:05
Mon Jul 23rd, 05:33pm DUSK Any% Accessible Inbounds PC Brainfluid 00:15:32
Mon Jul 23rd, 06:13pm Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Any% PSTV nozlar 03:13:40
Mon Jul 23rd, 09:38pm L.A.Noire Traffic Desk 5 Stars PC SeductiveSpatula 01:24:32
Mon Jul 23rd, 10:36pm Brütal Legend Any% PC Makkebakke 01:24:57
Tue Jul 24th, 08:00am Toy Story Any% SNES Enmet 00:21:32
Tue Jul 24th, 08:35am Abobo's Big Adventure Any% PC Chfou 00:31:35
Tue Jul 24th, 09:20am The Useful Dead Any% PC Kennyman666 00:12:20
Tue Jul 24th, 09:43am Mushroom 11 Any% PC Zet 00:44:12
Tue Jul 24th, 10:48am Rise & Shine 100% PC AEtienneTV 00:31:00
Tue Jul 24th, 11:33am Rabi-Ribi 10 Town Members (Casual) PC MLSTRM 00:33:37
Tue Jul 24th, 12:23pm LISA: The Joyful YADO Epilogue PC Harpa 00:46:33
Tue Jul 24th, 01:23pm Knytt Stories (Saving Thalanill) Any% No Skips PC DonDoli 00:21:41
Tue Jul 24th, 01:59pm No Time to Explain Remastered Any% PC WarDrumsGaming 00:26:43
Tue Jul 24th, 02:37pm Sonic 3 & Knuckles Knuckles Genesis Oldclov 00:35:57
Tue Jul 24th, 03:25pm Mega Man II Any% Game Boy EndySWE 00:21:20
Tue Jul 24th, 03:57pm New Super Mario Bros. Wii Any% Wii ShadowFrost 00:27:09
Tue Jul 24th, 04:39pm Wario Land 3 Any% Game Boy pr0te 00:51:38
Tue Jul 24th, 05:49pm Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness Any% Gamecube Retrotato 05:05:57
Wed Jul 25th, 08:00am Mario Party 3 Story Mode (Easy) N64 360Chrism 05:11:48
Wed Jul 25th, 01:30pm PaRappa the Rapper 2 Any% PS4 charlottecutts 00:35:24
Wed Jul 25th, 02:15pm Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone Exhibition PS4 Chfou 00:44:21
Wed Jul 25th, 03:00pm Jazzpunk Any% PC UselessBrit 00:16:13
Wed Jul 25th, 03:30pm Hob Any% (No Clip) PC SeductiveSpatula 00:49:15
Wed Jul 25th, 04:35pm Blur Any% PC KuruHS 02:59:59
Wed Jul 25th, 07:25pm Final Fantasy IX Any% Part 2 PS2 Metako 04:19:23
Thu Jul 26th, 08:00am Xenoblade Chronicles X Any% (Offline) Wii U legrandgrand 04:41:00
Thu Jul 26th, 01:10pm Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Any% (NMG (US)) SNES Crrool 04:01:38
Thu Jul 26th, 05:25pm Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Any% PC Der_Finger 01:39:43
Thu Jul 26th, 07:25pm MEANDERS Any% (Normal) PC ThatRumme 00:09:36
Thu Jul 26th, 07:46pm RUINER Any% (Speedrun Mode) PC Jackintoshh 00:42:29
Thu Jul 26th, 08:41pm Fallout: New Vegas Any% PC Kungkobra 00:16:46
Thu Jul 26th, 09:11pm Star Trek: Colony 7 Any% PC spheremj 00:28:50
Thu Jul 26th, 09:46pm Rise of the Triad (2013) Any% PC WolfE87 00:29:24
Thu Jul 26th, 10:28pm Rock n' Roll Racing Rookie SNES Enmet 00:53:41
Fri Jul 27th, 08:00am Final Fantasy V Any% GBA Game Boy Advance Boxmeister 04:15:53
Fri Jul 27th, 12:40pm Kuru Kuru Kururin Any% (Normal) Game Boy Advance mohoc7 00:14:58
Fri Jul 27th, 01:08pm Nex Machina Any% (Rookie) PS4 Nekolikegg 00:26:37
Fri Jul 27th, 01:48pm Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Any% Game Boy CDRomatron 00:27:56
Fri Jul 27th, 02:28pm Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force 2 Any% PSP Mergy 01:39:04
Fri Jul 27th, 03:56pm Puyo Puyo Tetris Any% Switch 360Chrism 01:29:53
Fri Jul 27th, 05:36pm Dungeons And Dragons: 5th Edition TPK% Paper Ladaur 05:00:56
Sat Jul 28th, 10:00am Unreal Any% (Easy) PC Tezur0 00:43:29
Sat Jul 28th, 10:40am Unreal Any% (Easy) PC Tezur0 00:22:39
Sat Jul 28th, 11:00am Fallout 4 Any% PC Brongle 00:57:01
Sat Jul 28th, 12:10pm Resonance of Fate Any% PS3 Neviutz 03:11:55
Sat Jul 28th, 12:20pm Pringles All A's Genesis Neviutz 00:03:08