ESA 2019 Summer (Two)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Sun Jul 21st, 10:45am Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Any% SNES Harpa 02:32:19
Sun Jul 21st, 01:20pm Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 100% PS2 Drashed 01:39:04
Sun Jul 21st, 03:15pm Star Fox Zero Any% WiiU Pottoww 00:32:51
Sun Jul 21st, 04:00pm JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future Any% Xbox YayoDeLaRiva 01:49:44
Sun Jul 21st, 06:05pm Tony Hawk's Underground Any% (Beginner) PC English_Ben 00:41:26
Sun Jul 21st, 07:05pm Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Any% PC Heinki 00:49:14
Sun Jul 21st, 08:20pm Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Allies Campaign PC CrazyCharlieH 01:47:03
Sun Jul 21st, 10:20pm Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Any% (Glitched) PS3 MrSilentVid 01:40:50
Mon Jul 22nd, 12:17am Resident Evil: Survivor Any% PS2 carska 00:40:18
Mon Jul 22nd, 08:00am Tron: Evolution Any% (NG+) PC Goodigo 01:12:21
Mon Jul 22nd, 09:20am Hitman: Codename 47 Any% (Hard) PC Mekarazium 00:45:20
Mon Jul 22nd, 10:15am Warframe Boss Rush PC kruskader 00:39:50
Mon Jul 22nd, 11:05am ShootMania Storm Hard Obstacle Map Showcase PC SBVille 00:42:36
Mon Jul 22nd, 12:00pm Portal Stories: Mel Any% PC Wilbo__ 00:29:54
Mon Jul 22nd, 12:40pm Mirror's Edge 69 Stars PC ZooKetra 00:28:15
Mon Jul 22nd, 01:17pm Astro Boy: Omega Factor Birth Game Boy Advance Drakodan 00:26:34
Mon Jul 22nd, 01:57pm Metroid Fusion Any% No Memory Corruption Game Boy Advance Boxmeister 01:19:48
Mon Jul 22nd, 03:37pm Mega Man 11 Any% (No OoB) PC Einea5mk 00:37:54
Mon Jul 22nd, 04:27pm The Jungle Book Any% SNES Harpa 00:19:21
Mon Jul 22nd, 04:59pm Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Any% SMS btrim 00:15:56
Mon Jul 22nd, 05:27pm Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum Any% SMS Rasmus 00:10:21
Mon Jul 22nd, 05:47pm Garfield: Caught in the Act Any% Genesis janglestorm 00:20:01
Mon Jul 22nd, 06:23pm Gunman Clive 2 Clive (Easy) Switch GreenalinkSDA 00:20:26
Mon Jul 22nd, 06:56pm Pokemon X Any% Nintendo 3DS wartab 04:07:56
Tue Jul 23rd, 08:00am Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Any% PC Der_Finger 01:00:55
Tue Jul 23rd, 09:30am Giga Wrecker Any% PC AEtienne 01:01:55
Tue Jul 23rd, 10:50am LittleBigPlanet Any% (No-Overlord) PS3 RbdJellyfish 00:58:52
Tue Jul 23rd, 12:05pm Animorphs: Shattered Reality Any% PS1 skateman222 00:31:36
Tue Jul 23rd, 12:50pm Action Henk All Levels PC TrueBlackShark 00:30:52
Tue Jul 23rd, 01:35pm Tintin on the Moon Any% ZX Spectrum DigitalDuck 00:07:12
Tue Jul 23rd, 02:00pm Wario Land: Shake It! Any% WiiU HaosEdge 01:34:24
Tue Jul 23rd, 03:50pm Yoshi Topsy Turvy Any% Game Boy LoveBot 01:07:55
Tue Jul 23rd, 05:05pm Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones Any% (2 Player A) NES Apollo22237 TheMexicanRunner 00:20:11
Tue Jul 23rd, 05:40pm Shatterhand Any% NES Gikkman 00:22:34
Tue Jul 23rd, 06:20pm Sparkster Any% (Normal) SNES Drakodan 00:19:48
Tue Jul 23rd, 06:55pm Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls Race Mode PC snapcase_ 00:20:09
Tue Jul 23rd, 07:30pm Dispersio Normal: Any% PC Pottoww 00:19:06
Tue Jul 23rd, 08:05pm I Wanna Kill The Troll King 100% PC Cosmoing 00:50:07
Tue Jul 23rd, 09:15pm Super Lumi Live Any% PC GameguySD 00:20:39
Tue Jul 23rd, 09:49pm Child of Light Any% (Co-Op) PC randompinkbunny SeductiveSpatula 01:26:28
Wed Jul 24th, 08:00am Catherine Classic Babel Pairs PC CrispyHanako 00:24:40
Wed Jul 24th, 09:10am Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS1) Any% PS2 ToreLehmann 01:20:39
Wed Jul 24th, 10:50am Super Hexagon 100% PC Congruence 00:06:58
Wed Jul 24th, 11:10am The Talos Principle Any% (Transcendence) PC EDB 00:21:59
Wed Jul 24th, 11:38am Buzz Lightyear of Star Command NG+ All Bosses PC StebMcDreb 00:41:57
Wed Jul 24th, 12:33pm Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Beat the Game PS2 Davesterio 00:50:19
Wed Jul 24th, 01:38pm Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast Any% PC HotShotWire 00:44:00
Wed Jul 24th, 02:38pm Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Any% (Normal) PC Tezur0 00:36:26
Wed Jul 24th, 03:35pm DOOM (2016) Any% PC heny 01:04:58
Wed Jul 24th, 04:20pm Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% PC Joshimuz 04:28:48
Wed Jul 24th, 09:05pm Yakuza Kiwami 2 Any% ($20%) PC FroobMcGuffin 02:59:01
Thu Jul 25th, 08:00am Colin McRae Rally Rally School % PS1 Thebpg13 00:11:02
Thu Jul 25th, 08:22am Sonic R 100% Gamecube Nimputs 00:13:33
Thu Jul 25th, 08:50am Gensou SkyDrift Story PC Lordmau5 00:26:52
Thu Jul 25th, 09:35am Millennium Racer: Y2K Fighters Amateur Championship PC Fireman 00:42:21
Thu Jul 25th, 10:30am Densha De D: Burning Stage Any% PC Jugachi 00:34:09
Thu Jul 25th, 11:30am F-Zero Queen Cup% SNES JkL87 00:12:47
Thu Jul 25th, 11:55am Trackmania Nations Forever All Tracks (No E05) PC Wirtual 01:06:59
Thu Jul 25th, 01:20pm Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Sonic's Story PC Sora_yx 00:30:25
Thu Jul 25th, 02:04pm Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Hero Story PC Drakodan 00:34:36
Thu Jul 25th, 02:54pm Crash Twinsanity Any% PS2 Smartkin 00:29:26
Thu Jul 25th, 03:34pm Battle Circuit True Ending Cyber Blue Easy Switch GreenalinkSDA 00:21:57
Thu Jul 25th, 04:11pm Minit Any% PC Gamonymous__ 00:09:33
Thu Jul 25th, 04:30pm Seven: The Days Long Gone Any% PC TheRedSock 00:42:10
Thu Jul 25th, 05:25pm Mages of Mystralia Any% (NSC) PC Dolany 00:23:52
Thu Jul 25th, 06:01pm The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 100% (No WW/OoB) Game Boy BambooShadow 01:21:16
Thu Jul 25th, 07:51pm Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Any% (No Seitengrat) PS4 zer0skar_I 03:16:44
Fri Jul 26th, 08:00am Hypnospace Outlaw Any% (No HAP Skip) PC Zoton2 00:14:16
Fri Jul 26th, 08:25am Knight Rider 2: The Game Any% PC tocaloni1 00:30:51
Fri Jul 26th, 09:07am Valley Any% PC TheRedSock 00:16:20
Fri Jul 26th, 09:33am True Crime: New York City Any% PC KZ_FREW 01:02:18
Fri Jul 26th, 10:43am Outcast Any% PC JanMumrik 00:53:35
Fri Jul 26th, 11:58am Garshasp: The Monster Slayer Any% PC epicdudeguy 00:14:41
Fri Jul 26th, 12:48pm Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Any% PC Cropax 00:28:26
Fri Jul 26th, 01:28pm Dandara Any% PC Aegri 00:41:47
Fri Jul 26th, 02:33pm Castlevania: Dracula X Any% (Bad Ending) SNES Lucha_Gym 00:17:57
Fri Jul 26th, 03:03pm Castlevania Chronicles Arranged Mode PS1 Vita zastbat 00:29:17
Fri Jul 26th, 03:48pm Grand Theft Auto 2 Downtown 100% PC Tezur0 01:16:08
Fri Jul 26th, 05:23pm Halo 5 Legendary Xbox One DavidSpartan95 01:30:07
Fri Jul 26th, 07:08pm Dishonored Any% PC heny 00:10:22
Fri Jul 26th, 07:58pm Mass Effect 2 Any% (NG+ w/ DLC) PC Strife 01:39:57
Fri Jul 26th, 09:43pm Fallout 4 Any% PC tomatoanus 00:57:53
Sat Jul 27th, 09:00am Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Any% Sora Game Boy Advance Mrzwanzig 02:45:45
Sat Jul 27th, 12:00pm Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Any% Pirate Mode (No OoB) PC janglestorm 00:55:26
Sat Jul 27th, 01:10pm PUSS! Any% PC Chazoshtare 00:49:11
Sat Jul 27th, 02:20pm Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity Easy Run PC elgu_ 00:19:46
Sat Jul 27th, 03:00pm Quake II Any% (Easy) PC Brainfluid 00:21:21
Sat Jul 27th, 03:45pm Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Undead Campaign PC Sajiki 00:50:32