ESA 2018 Summer (One)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Sat Jul 21st, 02:00pm Dark Souls III All Bosses PC Fudgecow SayviTV 01:49:21
Sat Jul 21st, 04:10pm God of War Any% (NG+) PS3 ThaRixer 01:23:12
Sat Jul 21st, 05:50pm Cuphead All Bosses (Regular, Legacy) PC Kirthar 00:30:58
Sat Jul 21st, 06:35pm Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Any% (Glitchless) SNES Oh_DeeR LateLearner 00:26:47
Sat Jul 21st, 07:15pm Gremlins 2: The New Batch Any% NES EndySWE 00:09:22
Sat Jul 21st, 07:34pm Darkwing Duck Any% NES TheMexicanRunner jokaah 00:13:00
Sat Jul 21st, 07:59pm Castle of Illusion HD Any% PC KrazyRasmus 00:34:55
Sat Jul 21st, 08:49pm Hollow Knight Any% (No Major Glitches) PC Ushebti 00:44:30
Sat Jul 21st, 09:44pm Fable: The Lost Chapters 100% PC Etem 03:17:21
Sun Jul 22nd, 01:39am Ratchet & Clank All Gold Bolts PS3 Janky 01:04:30
Sun Jul 22nd, 03:09am Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade All Strongholds (Necron) PC TheLaughingMax 01:03:54
Sun Jul 22nd, 04:49am Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Any% (Beginner NG+) PS4 RebelDragon95 02:07:41
Sun Jul 22nd, 07:14am Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Story Mode (Normal) PC English_Ben 01:13:29
Sun Jul 22nd, 08:49am Tomb Raider: Anniversary Any% PC Cadarev 00:27:32
Sun Jul 22nd, 09:29am El Matador Any% PC catalystz havrd 00:18:45
Sun Jul 22nd, 10:04am Max Payne Any% Game Boy tocaloni1 00:23:17
Sun Jul 22nd, 10:39am Beyblade VForce: Ultimate Blader Jam Any% Game Boy lennart_underscore 00:20:43
Sun Jul 22nd, 11:12am Snake Pass Any% (NG+) PC Jetsa(akaFlotsa) 00:40:24
Sun Jul 22nd, 12:07pm Pikmin 3 Collect Treasures (No DLC) Wii U 360Chrism 00:28:39
Sun Jul 22nd, 12:57pm ibb & obb Any% (Co-Op) PC emptysys OsZ_ 00:26:47
Sun Jul 22nd, 01:37pm Dust: An Elysian Tail Any% PC acridstingray3 00:20:07
Sun Jul 22nd, 02:10pm Solstice: Quest for the Staff of Demnos Any% NES Niss3 00:06:43
Sun Jul 22nd, 02:30pm BattleBlock Theater Any% (NLS) PC Paulister HaosEdge SeductiveSpatula 01:21:46
Sun Jul 22nd, 04:06pm Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition All Cells (No Restrictions) PC Jitaenow 00:44:32
Sun Jul 22nd, 05:16pm GeoGuessr Co-Op PC havrd JanMumrik 00:28:41
Sun Jul 22nd, 05:54pm Halo 3 Legendary Xbox 360 Sorix 01:25:27
Sun Jul 22nd, 07:35pm Daikatana Any% PC spheremj 00:51:00
Sun Jul 22nd, 08:45pm Serious Sam: The First Encounter Any% (Tourist) PC Kykystas 00:35:51
Sun Jul 22nd, 09:40pm Doom: Scythe UV-Speed PC 4shockblast 00:15:50
Sun Jul 22nd, 10:05pm Outlast Any% PC catalystz 00:09:49
Sun Jul 22nd, 10:22pm Amnesia: The Dark Descent Any% PC RabzZ 00:30:06
Sun Jul 22nd, 11:12pm S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl All Main Missions PC antidotsrd 01:21:57
Mon Jul 23rd, 12:52am Silent Hill 3 NG (Easy) PC Punchi 00:55:39
Mon Jul 23rd, 01:57am Nioh All Main Missions Vanilla PS4 AxelSaGo 01:28:28
Mon Jul 23rd, 03:57am Horizon Zero Dawn Any% (NG+ Ultra Hard) PS4 ElkjaerTV 02:08:18
Mon Jul 23rd, 06:27am Little Nightmares Any% PC Yajijy_ 00:44:53
Mon Jul 23rd, 07:22am Q.U.B.E. 2 Any% (No Numpad Skips) PC Fatzke eTholon 01:09:53
Mon Jul 23rd, 08:52am Densha de D: Lightning Stage Any% PC Jugachi Lordmau5 00:19:12
Mon Jul 23rd, 09:32am Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Any% PC KuruHS 04:09:56
Mon Jul 23rd, 01:32pm Bionic Commando Rearmed Any% PC ViewtifulViktor 00:20:01
Mon Jul 23rd, 02:22pm Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Any% Genesis Oldclov linkboss 00:22:29
Mon Jul 23rd, 02:54pm Rot Gut Any% PC Sajiki 00:04:30
Mon Jul 23rd, 03:25pm Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult) NES COOLKID EndySWE 00:27:35
Mon Jul 23rd, 04:10pm Mega Man 5 Any% NES jokaah 00:35:55
Mon Jul 23rd, 05:00pm Battletoads Any% (No Wrong Warp) NES TheMexicanRunner 00:15:30
Mon Jul 23rd, 05:27pm Castlevania Any% NES EndySWE 00:12:17
Mon Jul 23rd, 06:02pm Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Any% NES Burb__ 00:42:40
Mon Jul 23rd, 06:56pm Firestriker Any% SNES BroedgeMan joker_of_god 00:24:40
Mon Jul 23rd, 07:28pm Kung Fu Any% (Game A) NES Frippen 00:03:54
Mon Jul 23rd, 07:35pm The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Racing+ Season 3 PC Shigan_ Ceehe GamonymousRC 01:28:13
Mon Jul 23rd, 09:42pm Transistor Any% PC Cadarev 00:42:33
Mon Jul 23rd, 11:02pm Undertale True Pacifist PC Firepaw 01:42:36
Tue Jul 24th, 12:52am South Park: The Stick of Truth Any% (Mage Current Patch) PC HardcoreYork 01:44:27
Tue Jul 24th, 02:47am Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 100% PC Rasschla 01:52:23
Tue Jul 24th, 04:57am The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Any% Wii U Lolicry 03:58:43
Tue Jul 24th, 09:17am Okami Any% (NG+) PS3 Kinnin11 01:28:33
Tue Jul 24th, 11:07am Dissidia: Final Fantasy Any% PSP Leonis07 01:42:21
Tue Jul 24th, 01:22pm Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Any% (No LTS (One-handed)) PS2 SixRockFire 01:02:54
Tue Jul 24th, 02:42pm Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Any% (Normal) PC catalystz 00:20:28
Tue Jul 24th, 03:17pm Darksiders Any% PC henyK 01:24:55
Tue Jul 24th, 04:47pm NieR: Automata Ending [A] PC Kanaris 01:30:10
Tue Jul 24th, 06:17pm Dark Souls II Reverse Boss Order PC Noobest Stennis 01:42:36
Tue Jul 24th, 08:37pm Shadow of the Colossus Remaster Any% PS4 Elajjaz 01:44:40
Tue Jul 24th, 10:42pm Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Any% (Normal) PC Ellieceraptor 01:52:43
Wed Jul 25th, 12:52am Deus Ex Any% PC Heinki 00:47:25
Wed Jul 25th, 01:52am Fallout 3 All Quests PC NoobSalmon 01:36:22
Wed Jul 25th, 03:42am Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Any% PS4 FroobMcGuffin 03:00:44
Wed Jul 25th, 07:07am LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Any% (Replay Story) PC Ellaapiie 01:53:31
Wed Jul 25th, 09:31am Grand Theft Auto IV Any% PC KyleDoesIt 04:02:20
Wed Jul 25th, 01:47pm Grand Theft Auto 2 Any% PC Tezur0 00:31:23
Wed Jul 25th, 02:32pm Final Fantasy IX Any% Part 1 PS2 Metako 05:29:00
Wed Jul 25th, 08:07pm Awful Games Any% PC havrd JanMumrik 00:28:44
Wed Jul 25th, 09:09pm Arabian Nights Any% (With Dialogue) PC Goost91 00:38:35
Wed Jul 25th, 09:59pm Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Any% (Zipless) Segmented Reveal PC tocaloni1 00:59:21
Wed Jul 25th, 11:14pm SUPERHOT Any% PC Jackintoshh 00:24:21
Wed Jul 25th, 11:47pm I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2 Any% PC BBF_ 01:36:29
Thu Jul 26th, 01:27am Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Any% (NG+ Co-Op) PC geurge Hennejoe 00:47:43
Thu Jul 26th, 02:37am Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Any% (NG+) PC randompinkbunny SeductiveSpatula 00:27:20
Thu Jul 26th, 03:19am Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Any% PC Eidgod 01:20:39
Thu Jul 26th, 04:49am Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Any% PC Cadarev 00:23:58
Thu Jul 26th, 05:29am BioShock Infinite Any% PC henyK 01:50:04
Thu Jul 26th, 07:29am WarioWare: Smooth Moves Any% Wii Chrisoofy Ellaapiie 00:49:02
Thu Jul 26th, 08:32am Jak II Any% PS3 Boomer 01:02:49
Thu Jul 26th, 10:02am The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 100% 3DS Herreteman 03:18:42
Thu Jul 26th, 01:42pm Bastion Dreams and Challenges PC acridstingray3 HaosEdge Kazzadan Leonmachar 00:57:44
Thu Jul 26th, 03:13pm Light Fall Any% (Normal) PC Dedew 00:31:44
Thu Jul 26th, 03:58pm Run Invalid Any% PC havrd Strife 00:10:25
Thu Jul 26th, 04:38pm Celeste Any% PC Punchi 00:37:55
Thu Jul 26th, 05:30pm Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space Any% Game Boy CDRomatron 00:05:40
Thu Jul 26th, 05:39pm VVVVVV Any% (No Telejumping) PC mohoc tzann lennart_underscore 00:13:00
Thu Jul 26th, 06:02pm I wanna be the Boshy Any% (Rage-Mode) PC BBF_ 01:07:37
Thu Jul 26th, 07:14pm Nitronic Rush Story Mode PC Lordmau5 00:09:33
Thu Jul 26th, 07:26pm Tetris The Grand Master Exhibition Arcade TC_Qlex 00:50:00
Thu Jul 26th, 08:39pm Tekken 7 Any% (3 Stars) PC Shirdel 00:27:09
Thu Jul 26th, 09:24pm Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Any% NES sinister1 00:21:22
Thu Jul 26th, 09:59pm Adventure Island II Any% NES TheMexicanRunner 00:24:28
Thu Jul 26th, 10:39pm Batman: The Video Game Any% NES Dxtr EndySWE 00:10:16
Thu Jul 26th, 11:04pm Strider Any% NES COOLKID 00:04:10
Thu Jul 26th, 11:22pm Demon's Crest 100% SNES BroedgeMan 00:43:43
Fri Jul 27th, 12:17am Ratchet: Deadlocked Any% (NG+ no EGS) PS3 Mucke1Man 00:44:10
Fri Jul 27th, 01:12am Dishonored 2 Corvo Any% PC Scopii 00:32:51
Fri Jul 27th, 01:52am Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Any% PC Scopii 00:16:04
Fri Jul 27th, 02:20am The Witness Any% (Current Patch) PC tzann 00:17:08
Fri Jul 27th, 02:40am Pokémon Platinum Any% DS Retrotato 03:00:00
Fri Jul 27th, 06:05am Solar Jetman Any% NES TheMotherBrain86 00:27:30
Fri Jul 27th, 06:55am Taz-Mania Any% Master System COOLKID KrazyRasmus 00:10:37
Fri Jul 27th, 07:20am Yume Penguin Monogatari Any% NES CartinaCow EndySWE 00:10:35
Fri Jul 27th, 07:42am Super Metroid 100% SNES Enmet 01:24:14
Fri Jul 27th, 09:17am Kirby Super Star Ultra 100% DS Kinnin11 02:10:06
Fri Jul 27th, 12:00pm Super Mario 64 70 Star Relay Race Wii Fuzzyness&Friends 02:29:41
Fri Jul 27th, 02:37pm Mirror's Edge 100% PC Phillotrax 00:43:36
Fri Jul 27th, 03:37pm Dark Souls All Bosses PC Kahmul78 01:23:34
Fri Jul 27th, 05:14pm Dark Souls Glitch Exhibition PC Kahmul78 00:16:00
Fri Jul 27th, 05:48pm Dark Souls Remastered Any% PC SayviTV Elajjaz 00:45:17
Fri Jul 27th, 06:58pm Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Any% PC praskOo_ Savusukka AerO__ 00:29:30
Fri Jul 27th, 07:43pm Hitman: Blood Money Silent Assassin PC thekotti 00:48:09
Fri Jul 27th, 08:40pm Quake Any% PC Brainfluid praskOo_ 00:15:08
Fri Jul 27th, 09:06pm Half-Life Any% Scriptless PC Maxam1337 00:31:16
Fri Jul 27th, 09:47pm Deus Ex: Human Revolution Any% PC Heinki 00:46:38
Fri Jul 27th, 10:47pm Prey (2017) Any% PC JanMumrik 00:12:25
Fri Jul 27th, 11:17pm Dying Light Any% PC WolfE87 01:55:49
Sat Jul 28th, 01:27am Minecraft: Java Edition Any% (Glitchless Set Seed) PC SpoonTy 00:09:47
Sat Jul 28th, 01:52am Hearthstone: League of Explorers Heroic PC srd_27 01:15:53
Sat Jul 28th, 03:45am Sonic Forces Any% PC Akaraien 01:03:33
Sat Jul 28th, 05:00am Sonic Mania Sonic & Tails (All Emeralds) PC Argick 00:59:32
Sat Jul 28th, 06:15am The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Any% Game Boy Advance CDRomatron LoveBot 00:30:35
Sat Jul 28th, 07:06am Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD Any% (Terra Beginner) PS4 RebelDragon95 00:50:13
Sat Jul 28th, 08:19am Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Any% (Co-Op) Game Boy Kinnin11 Sniperwave 00:26:43
Sat Jul 28th, 08:59am The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time MST Wii Amateseru 02:11:13
Sat Jul 28th, 11:19am The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Any% Wii U Linkus7 01:20:44
Sat Jul 28th, 01:02pm Super Mario Odyssey Any% Switch 360Chrism Isaia Yoshim_ 01:06:32
Sat Jul 28th, 02:32pm Grand Theft Auto III All Missions PC Ultimaomega07 03:04:25
Sat Jul 28th, 05:42pm Best of NES - BIG10 Various NES InfestedRiche COOLKID Yogidamonk JkL87 01:49:55