ESA 2013

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Mon Jul 15th, 06:25pm DuckTales Any% Difficult NES Bangerra Dxtr 00:07:43
Mon Jul 15th, 06:35pm DuckTales 2 Any% Difficult NES Dxtr Bangerra 00:15:41
Mon Jul 15th, 07:00pm Super Mario Kart All Cups 2P SNES KVD 00:34:11
Mon Jul 15th, 08:25pm Mega Man X2 100% SNES IrregularJinny 00:41:27
Mon Jul 15th, 09:15pm Mega Man X3 Low% PSX SNES IrregularJinny 00:33:57
Mon Jul 15th, 09:55pm Ape Escape 100% PSX Markhest 00:45:00
Sun Jul 21st, 10:55pm Ape Escape Any% PSX Markhest 00:54:20
Tue Jul 16th, 12:15am Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Any% PS2 A-M 00:57:10
Tue Jul 16th, 01:25am Otogi: Myths of Demons Any% Xbox Dalfen 01:08:34
Tue Jul 16th, 02:50am Bionic Commando Rearmed Any% Xbox 360 Kennyman666 00:31:14
Tue Jul 16th, 03:30am The Battle of Olympus Any% NES Crippe 00:46:05
Tue Jul 16th, 04:30am Bubble Bobble Happy End NES Meridian 01:07:59
Tue Jul 16th, 05:45am Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Any% Hardest Genesis RoboSparkle 00:23:15
Tue Jul 16th, 06:05am James Pond 2 C.H.E.A.T. Genesis RoboSparkle 00:01:12
Tue Jul 16th, 06:40am Mario Kart Wii Retro Cups 2P Wii Pro_JN Rudmarker 00:40:18
Tue Jul 16th, 07:35am Dr. Mario 0-20 + 1M Points SNES Meridian 00:58:58
Tue Jul 16th, 08:30am Star Fox 64 Any% N64 Pottoww 00:26:45
Tue Jul 16th, 09:00am Star Fox: Assault Any% Bronze Gamecube Pottoww 00:47:49
Tue Jul 16th, 10:00am F-Zero X Grand Prix N64 WMJ 00:46:18
Tue Jul 16th, 10:50am Kirby's Dream Land Any% Game Boy Bangerra 00:12:36
Tue Jul 16th, 11:05am Pokémon Snap Any% Wii VC GoronGuy 00:26:08
Tue Jul 16th, 11:45am Donkey Kong Showcase NES Svenne 00:02:38
Tue Jul 16th, 11:50am Donkey Kong Country All Stages SNES Klosty Tompa 00:36:47
Tue Jul 16th, 12:35pm Donkey Kong Country Returns Any% Wii PartyStar 01:39:38
Tue Jul 16th, 03:15pm Ninja Gaiden Any% NES Dxtr Arctic_Eagle 00:12:16
Tue Jul 16th, 03:35pm Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos Any% NES IrregularJinny 00:15:08
Tue Jul 16th, 03:55pm Ninja Gaiden Shadow Any% Game Boy Bangerra 00:15:45
Tue Jul 16th, 04:15pm Mega Man All Stages NES COOLKID 00:22:47
Tue Jul 16th, 04:45pm Mega Man 5 Any% NES Joka 00:38:55
Tue Jul 16th, 05:35pm Contra Any% NES Frezy_Man 00:11:35
Tue Jul 16th, 05:50pm GoldenEye 007 Agent PC Admiralsmit 00:23:36
Tue Jul 16th, 06:20pm Quake Easy PC COOLKID 00:17:22
Tue Jul 16th, 06:40pm Half-Life Scriptless PC COOLKID 00:42:14
Tue Jul 16th, 07:25pm Half-Life 2 Old Engine PC S 02:20:01
Tue Jul 16th, 10:10pm Max Payne 2 Dead On Arrival PC Kotti 00:45:30
Tue Jul 16th, 11:10pm Kung Fu Game A NES Frezy_Man WERY 00:04:46
Tue Jul 16th, 11:20pm Ghosts 'n Goblins Any% 2 Loops NES Dxtr 00:35:56
Wed Jul 17th, 12:05am Trojan Low% NES Dxtr 00:08:55
Wed Jul 17th, 12:15am North Level 1 NES Svenne 00:02:53
Wed Jul 17th, 12:20am Rygar Any% No WW NES Arctic_Eagle WERY 00:26:11
Wed Jul 17th, 01:00am Little Nemo: The Dream Master Any% NES Dxtr Joka 00:26:50
Wed Jul 17th, 01:40am Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight Any% No WW NES WERY 00:23:09
Wed Jul 17th, 02:10am Power Blade Any% Normal NES Crippe 00:19:45
Wed Jul 17th, 02:35am Hebereke Any% Ufouria NES Kennyman666 00:35:58
Wed Jul 17th, 03:35am Gyromite Phases 1-40 NES WERY 00:32:07
Wed Jul 17th, 04:15am Shadowgate Glitchless NES Niss3 Crippe 00:12:31
Wed Jul 17th, 04:35am Little Samson All Stages No OoB NES Kennyman666 00:23:47
Wed Jul 17th, 04:55am Abadox Any% NES WERY 00:18:05
Wed Jul 17th, 08:40am Crash Twinsanity Any% PS2 DrSynj 01:07:11
Wed Jul 17th, 12:20pm Jak II Any% PS3 Ricky 01:28:15
Wed Jul 17th, 02:15pm Jak 3 Any% No OoB PS3 Ricky 01:02:16
Wed Jul 17th, 07:00pm Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Any% SNES Edenal 00:30:26
Wed Jul 17th, 07:50pm Chip 'N' Dale: Rescue Rangers All Zones NES Joka 00:14:11
Wed Jul 17th, 08:10pm Darkwing Duck Any% NES Joka 00:13:49
Wed Jul 17th, 08:30pm TaleSpin Any% NES Bangerra Svenne 00:17:10
Wed Jul 17th, 09:20pm The Lion King Any% Prince NES Bangerra 00:06:58
Thu Jul 18th, 04:45am Buck Bumble Any% N64 Rueake 00:36:47
Thu Jul 18th, 06:05am Tetris Attack V-Hard SNES Niss3 00:11:59
Thu Jul 18th, 06:30am You Have to Win the Game Any% PC Ibldedibble 00:05:35
Thu Jul 18th, 06:40am Akuji the Demon Any% PC Ozzy88 00:10:25
Thu Jul 18th, 06:55am Hydra Castle Labyrinth Any% PC Ibldedibble 00:34:10
Thu Jul 18th, 07:40am Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% PC Joshimuz 06:12:14
Thu Jul 18th, 03:45pm Super Meat Boy Any% Xbox 360 iMysty 00:24:11
Thu Jul 18th, 04:15pm Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Any% NES Airrider 00:49:24
Thu Jul 18th, 05:15pm Octodad Any% PC Kotti S 00:06:43
Thu Jul 18th, 05:35pm Eversion Any% PC Bangerra 00:03:14
Thu Jul 18th, 05:45pm Rosenkreuzstilette Any% Tia PC Dalfen 00:36:56
Thu Jul 18th, 06:25pm Braid Any% PC KanBan85 00:30:06
Thu Jul 18th, 07:00pm Q.U.B.E. Any% PC eTholon 00:29:13
Thu Jul 18th, 09:50pm Castlevania Any% NES Dxtr 00:15:01
Thu Jul 18th, 10:10pm Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Any% NSC Xbox 360 Ozzy88 00:22:44
Thu Jul 18th, 10:50pm Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance All Bosses Game Boy Advance Charleon 00:16:40
Fri Jul 19th, 04:00pm Metroid Any% Warpless NES Dxtr 00:30:17
Fri Jul 19th, 04:40pm Metroid II: Return of Samus No OoB Game Boy COOLKID 01:10:03
Fri Jul 19th, 08:20pm Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% NES Svenne Dxtr 00:10:11
Fri Jul 19th, 08:35pm Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% No WW NES Frezy_Man 00:12:44
Sat Jul 20th, 08:45am Batman: The Video Game Any% NES Dxtr 00:10:44
Sat Jul 20th, 08:55pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City No SSU PC AdamAK 01:56:55
Sat Jul 20th, 11:10pm Zelda II NMG NES Pro_JN Arctic_Eagle 01:01:22
Sun Jul 21st, 12:35am Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Any% NES Pro_JN 00:20:47
Sun Jul 21st, 04:50am Super Metroid Any% NMG SNES Kottpower 00:47:02