ESA 2017 (Two)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Mon Jul 24th, 08:00am World of Final Fantasy Any% PS4 KaWaiNL 03:41:16
Mon Jul 24th, 12:25pm Alien 3 Any% Game Boy Bangerra 00:18:02
Mon Jul 24th, 12:55pm McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Beginner (NTSC) Genesis pinggas_ 00:20:44
Mon Jul 24th, 01:28pm PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist Any% PC ryedawg 00:38:09
Mon Jul 24th, 02:14pm Ninja Smasher! All Items No KG (Chain Sickle) PC Kennyman666 00:29:40
Mon Jul 24th, 02:59pm Dustforce DX 16 Red Keys PC Gameduck 00:49:10
Mon Jul 24th, 05:20pm Tetris: The Grandmaster Exhibition PC Qlex 00:34:00
Mon Jul 24th, 05:25pm Traverser Any% PC Monojira 00:32:07
Mon Jul 24th, 06:10pm Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Any% PC Eidgod 01:26:00
Mon Jul 24th, 07:45pm Rayman 2: The Great Escape Any% PC lagpu1 02:03:39
Mon Jul 24th, 10:10pm Paper Mario Any% WiiUVC KalarMar 02:28:00
Tue Jul 25th, 09:00am Ballance All Levels PC Leemyy 00:42:46
Tue Jul 25th, 09:55am Wii Sports Resort All Sports Wii Chrisoofy 00:20:43
Tue Jul 25th, 10:30am FAST Racing League All Cups Wii DivisionX 00:16:45
Tue Jul 25th, 10:58am Pen Pen TriIcelon All Courses (Easy) Dreamcast Naegleria 00:12:44
Tue Jul 25th, 11:21am Monster Truck Madness 64 Circuit - Beginner N64 Mash112 00:31:15
Tue Jul 25th, 12:06pm Roundabout E-Sports Speedrun Mode PC Fatzke 00:13:28
Tue Jul 25th, 12:36pm The Wonderful 101 NG Normal Wii U ricyosma 04:37:38
Tue Jul 25th, 05:36pm Rayman Origins 130 Electoons PC EnsgMaster 02:08:49
Tue Jul 25th, 07:51pm Touhou Koukishin - Adventure Of Scarlet Curiosity Remilia Any% PC Naro 00:22:43
Tue Jul 25th, 08:31pm Fallout: New Vegas Any% PC Kungkobra 00:18:40
Tue Jul 25th, 09:01pm Fable Anniversary Any% PC Etem 01:26:32
Tue Jul 25th, 10:41pm LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Freeplay PC LosvikeN 01:12:09
Wed Jul 26th, 08:00am Kwirk Heading Out 99 RMS Game Boy Crrool 00:16:07
Wed Jul 26th, 08:30am Wonder Boy in Monster Land Any% SMS SMS berlindude1 00:27:28
Wed Jul 26th, 09:00am World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Co-Op Genesis Grukk Edenal 00:22:42
Wed Jul 26th, 09:40am Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Any% Genesis Genesis linkboss 00:21:21
Wed Jul 26th, 10:12am Psychonauts Any% PC Floubz 00:40:40
Wed Jul 26th, 11:01am Blitz Breaker Any% PC Thextera 00:27:22
Wed Jul 26th, 11:32am Out There Somewhere Any% IGT PC HaosEdge 00:08:07
Wed Jul 26th, 11:52am New Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% 3DS Javi 00:28:08
Wed Jul 26th, 12:32pm EggoMania Hard boiled hard Gamecube JangBang 00:20:20
Wed Jul 26th, 01:07pm Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Albus - any% DS Frozer 00:31:26
Wed Jul 26th, 01:52pm Mort the Chicken Any% PS2 Joelnir 00:14:07
Wed Jul 26th, 02:17pm Croc 2 Any% Game Boy whit_send 00:20:56
Wed Jul 26th, 02:54pm Caster Any% PC Mageikk 00:17:34
Wed Jul 26th, 03:24pm Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf Any% PC randompinkbunny 00:20:12
Wed Jul 26th, 03:59pm SAW: The Game Any% PC uhTrance 01:03:45
Wed Jul 26th, 05:21pm Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks Any% PC Nord 00:07:34
Wed Jul 26th, 05:46pm Sound Voltex Exhibition PC Therio 00:29:32
Wed Jul 26th, 06:16pm Resident Evil: Survivor Any% PS Beckski93 00:40:30
Wed Jul 26th, 07:11pm Necrovision: The Lost Company Any% PC havrd 00:34:02
Wed Jul 26th, 07:58pm Bulletstorm NG All Skillshots PC Chfou 03:00:32
Thu Jul 27th, 08:00am Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake Any% - PS2 PAL PS2 FingersTehHand 00:53:35
Thu Jul 27th, 09:05am Gunner's Heaven/Rapid Reload Any% PS Spiriax 00:33:44
Thu Jul 27th, 09:50am Shuriken Normal PC SuccinctAndPunchy 00:07:07
Thu Jul 27th, 10:10am INK Any% PC Nepumuk 00:11:58
Thu Jul 27th, 10:35am Maniac Mansion Any% NES Niss3 00:07:25
Thu Jul 27th, 10:55am Kyatto Ninden Teyandee Beat the game NES COOLKID 00:12:18
Thu Jul 27th, 11:21am Moon Crystal Any% NES EndySWE 00:09:48
Thu Jul 27th, 11:44am Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Any% Genesis berlindude1 00:26:36
Thu Jul 27th, 12:19pm The G.G. Shinobi II: The Silent Fury 100% GameGear Greenalink 00:20:31
Thu Jul 27th, 12:54pm Fantasy Zone System 16 Opa-Opa 3DS Greenalink 00:09:28
Thu Jul 27th, 01:16pm Vessel Any% PC SeductiveSpatula 01:14:57
Thu Jul 27th, 02:46pm Unbox Any% PC Semmlbroesel 00:41:23
Thu Jul 27th, 03:41pm The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom Any% PC HaosEdge 00:25:10
Thu Jul 27th, 04:26pm Rise & Shine Any% PC DaniPlayerOne 00:32:28
Thu Jul 27th, 05:21pm Super Mario 64 70 Player 70 Star Relay N64 02:00:20
Thu Jul 27th, 07:31pm Super Mario Galaxy 120 Stars Wii 360Chrism 06:24:02
Fri Jul 28th, 08:00am Star Fox: Assault Any% Gamecube Mr_Shasta 00:44:56
Fri Jul 28th, 09:00am The Legend of Korra Any% Normal (New game) PC Yajijy 00:58:22
Fri Jul 28th, 10:08am Cave Story Best Ending PC Shadax 01:04:30
Fri Jul 28th, 11:23am Lisa: The painful RPG Any% PC Harpa 01:24:29
Fri Jul 28th, 01:23pm Super Mario World 96 Exit SNES Akisto 01:36:05
Fri Jul 28th, 03:03pm Valley Any% PC havrd 00:20:36
Fri Jul 28th, 03:38pm Battlefield 1 Any% PC Cropax 01:53:07
Fri Jul 28th, 05:53pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City History of the Speedrun & Glitch Showcase PC Eidgod 01:05:00
Fri Jul 28th, 07:03pm Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Any% PC randompinkbunny 00:17:58
Fri Jul 28th, 07:33pm Postal 2 Enhanced Mode PC Nord 00:26:44
Fri Jul 28th, 08:18pm Silent Hill NG (Easy) PS3 SuccinctAndPunchy 00:59:04
Fri Jul 28th, 09:28pm Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 Tournament Finals (Top 4) PS4 Nerds 00:41:31
Sat Jul 29th, 08:00am Star Fox 64 Red Line N64 Pottoww 00:38:15
Sat Jul 29th, 08:45am Yooka-Laylee Any% PC Wilko 00:48:32
Sat Jul 29th, 09:30am Final Fantasy XIII Any% PC xJakeDreamer 05:23:19