ESA 2020 Winter (One)

Schedule Time Game Category Platform Runners Time Play
Sun Feb 16th, 03:00pm Guacamelee! Gold Edition Any% (Normal) PC TheBlacktastic 00:37:42
Sun Feb 16th, 03:50pm Goat Simulator Trophies (Full Game) PC Riekelt 00:50:01
Sun Feb 16th, 04:50pm Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% (No SSU) PC Makkebakke 00:57:11
Sun Feb 16th, 06:05pm Little Samson Any% (No OOB) NES ShadowKiller 00:14:41
Sun Feb 16th, 06:31pm Blaster Master 2 Any% Genesis BigJon 00:40:21
Sun Feb 16th, 07:25pm Contra III: The Alien Wars Any% (Hard) SNES Classic tsjernotsjerno 00:15:54
Sun Feb 16th, 07:55pm Chakan: The Forever Man Any% Game Gear Edenal 00:08:40
Sun Feb 16th, 08:20pm WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game ICC Any% SNES bichphuongballz 00:08:22
Sun Feb 16th, 08:40pm Mega Man II Any % GameBoy BigJon 00:22:34
Sun Feb 16th, 09:15pm Mega Man 9 Any% (Proto Man) PC TheBlacktastic 00:32:28
Sun Feb 16th, 09:59pm Mega Man 10 Any% Wii Deuceler 00:39:30
Sun Feb 16th, 10:49pm Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX No Pride Switch Jinny 00:20:55
Sun Feb 16th, 11:44pm Remnants of Naezith All Chapters PC snw_bll 00:19:27
Mon Feb 17th, 12:16am The House of the Dead III Beat the Game (Very Easy / Co-Op) PC JackofHearts Thebpg13 00:25:46
Mon Feb 17th, 12:56am Resident Evil Any% (Jill, NMG) PC xSHiiDOx 00:42:37
Mon Feb 17th, 01:48am Remothered: Tormented Fathers Any% PC Juh0rse 00:33:16
Mon Feb 17th, 02:36am The Evil Within Any% (Casual) PC StevieBlu_ 02:42:07
Mon Feb 17th, 05:41am Secret of Evermore 100% SNES solarcell007 01:51:56
Mon Feb 17th, 07:51am The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild All Shrines Switch Limcube 07:09:19
Mon Feb 17th, 03:21pm Cadence of Hyrule Any% Switch Gidano 00:25:09
Mon Feb 17th, 04:01pm Lunatic Rave 2 Double Play Exhibition PC Chazoshtare 00:35:21
Mon Feb 17th, 04:46pm Electronic Super Joy Any% PC Shigan_ RuSyxx 00:27:43
Mon Feb 17th, 05:31pm Rayman 2: The Great Escape Any% PC Glackum 01:18:59
Mon Feb 17th, 07:11pm Super Mario Odyssey Any% Switch Dansta2106 TiloTech 01:01:36
Mon Feb 17th, 08:29pm Darkest Dungeon Quest - NPHS PC Tricrow yisk RebelDragon95 S4nsSkill GreenSnowDog 02:12:40
Mon Feb 17th, 10:44pm Tomb Raider: Underworld Any% PC Cadarev 00:26:29
Mon Feb 17th, 11:24pm Deus Ex Human Revolution Any% PC Heinki 00:50:54
Tue Feb 18th, 12:24am BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea (Episode 1, Any%) PC henyK 00:34:00
Tue Feb 18th, 12:56am BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea (Episode 2, Any%) PC henyK 00:45:04
Tue Feb 18th, 01:56am Valkyria Chronicles Any% PS4 sniperdog147 01:57:06
Tue Feb 18th, 04:16am Horizon Zero Dawn Any% PS4 ElkjaerTV 02:20:02
Tue Feb 18th, 06:56am Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater European Extreme (HD Edition) PS3 ApacheSmash 01:12:35
Tue Feb 18th, 08:24am UFO: Enemy Unknown Any% PC JackofHearts 00:38:05
Tue Feb 18th, 09:04am Q.U.B.E. Any% PC etho 00:30:21
Tue Feb 18th, 09:44am Superliminal Any% (Warpless) PC iKainalo 00:18:40
Tue Feb 18th, 10:14am Clustertruck Twitch% PC Heinki 00:29:36
Tue Feb 18th, 11:14am Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 32 Tracks - Items, 200cc Switch Ulvind 01:06:07
Tue Feb 18th, 12:34pm Densha de D: Lightning Stage DDR% (Glitchless) PC AEtienne 00:25:52
Tue Feb 18th, 01:11pm The Sims 3 Triple Bingo PC Kaadzik 01:32:42
Tue Feb 18th, 01:11pm The Sims 3 §500,000 PC Kaadzik 00:05:24
Tue Feb 18th, 02:46pm Eschatos Any% PC EeroKurkisuo 00:22:41
Tue Feb 18th, 03:20pm Giga Wing Stuck 1cc Attempt Arcade Deuceler 00:24:25
Tue Feb 18th, 04:00pm Final Fantasy V Any% (English) SNES bichphuongballz 03:40:45
Tue Feb 18th, 08:20pm Metroid: Zero Mission 100% (Normal) GBA DragonFangs 01:14:16
Tue Feb 18th, 09:50pm Metroid Prime Any% Gamecube Samura1man 01:30:30
Tue Feb 18th, 11:50pm Limbo Hard Route PC Zet 00:46:55
Wed Feb 19th, 12:45am DuckTales: Remastered Any% PC DrSenseiHugo 00:48:27
Wed Feb 19th, 01:40am Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair 24 Bees / No Tonics Switch BigJon 01:26:24
Wed Feb 19th, 03:30am Astral Chain Any% Switch yisk 03:17:23
Wed Feb 19th, 07:30am Nioh All Main Missions LVL1 PS4 AxelSaGo 01:29:08
Wed Feb 19th, 09:20am Pokémon Black/White Version 2 Any% Nintendo DS AEtienne 03:39:12
Wed Feb 19th, 01:05pm Pokémon Red/Blue Live Tutorial (Any% No Save Corruption) GBP G3neziz 00:38:31
Wed Feb 19th, 02:00pm Luigi’s Mansion 3 Any% Switch Jinny GreenSnowDog 03:03:19
Wed Feb 19th, 05:25pm Katana Zero Hard Mode PC yisk 00:32:29
Wed Feb 19th, 06:05pm Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Any% (Ultimate, No-OoB) PC TheBlacktastic 00:24:37
Wed Feb 19th, 06:42pm I wanna be the Knight in Shining Armor Any% PC Chazoshtare 00:19:04
Wed Feb 19th, 07:12pm I wanna Warp the Worlds Any% PC BBF_ 00:31:29
Wed Feb 19th, 07:57pm Cuphead One Gun PC Kirthar 00:39:07
Wed Feb 19th, 08:50pm Youyou Kengeki Musou Any% (Hard 1.0) PC Naro 00:18:01
Wed Feb 19th, 09:18pm Furi Speedrun Mode PC AEtienne 00:36:52
Wed Feb 19th, 10:13pm Transistor Low% PC Cadarev 00:41:50
Wed Feb 19th, 11:13pm Shovel Knight: King of Cards Any% (King Knight) PC OddBod 00:35:04
Thu Feb 20th, 12:08am Vectronom All Pickups PC TrueBlackShark 00:22:11
Thu Feb 20th, 12:38am Illusion of Gaia Any% SNES solarcell007 02:02:58
Thu Feb 20th, 02:51am Illusion of Gaia Apocalypse Gaia SNES solarcell007 00:06:28
Thu Feb 20th, 03:15am Winx Club Any% GBA Xoneris 00:48:24
Thu Feb 20th, 04:11am WipEout: Omega Collection Any% (2048) PS4 AxelSaGo 01:10:53
Thu Feb 20th, 05:36am X-COM 2 Any% (w/ Heroes) PC Tricrow 01:45:07
Thu Feb 20th, 07:11am Robocop (2003) Any% PC Makkebakke 00:55:22
Thu Feb 20th, 08:11am Elderborn Any% PC iKainalo 00:31:27
Thu Feb 20th, 08:56am Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Any% (Story Mode) PC RebelDragon95 00:28:12
Thu Feb 20th, 09:36am Sonic Spinball Any% (As Intended) Genesis BigJon 00:23:12
Thu Feb 20th, 10:11am Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit Any% NES BigJon 00:04:27
Thu Feb 20th, 10:26am The Flash Any% Master System RoboSparkle 00:17:23
Thu Feb 20th, 10:56am The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer (Crowd Control) PC Fuzzyness 04:00:00
Thu Feb 20th, 03:06pm Spyro Reignited Trilogy Any% (Spyro The Dragon, NBS) PC BoneyC 00:52:26
Thu Feb 20th, 04:16pm Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Any% PS2 Thextera_ 00:44:26
Thu Feb 20th, 05:16pm Mario Party Mini-Game Island N64 Fuzzyness 360Chrism 00:39:19
Thu Feb 20th, 06:11pm Yoshi’s Story Any% Wii VC LoveBot RDVvsTheWorld 00:12:22
Thu Feb 20th, 06:37pm Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% Warpless (Randomizer) NES BigJon 00:50:12
Thu Feb 20th, 07:42pm Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% (Showcase) PC Joshimuz 00:24:00
Thu Feb 20th, 08:12pm Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Los Santos (Crowd Control) PC Joshimuz Lordmau5 02:09:45
Thu Feb 20th, 10:32pm Clock Tower 3 Normal Mode PS2 MrSilentVid 01:21:55
Fri Feb 21st, 12:03am Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun NOD Campaign PC Heinki 00:36:45
Fri Feb 21st, 12:53am I Wanna Maker Showcase PC BBF_ 00:59:50
Fri Feb 21st, 02:03am Battleblock Theatre Any% PC Paulister 00:02:23
Fri Feb 21st, 03:23am Dust: An Elysian Tail Any% (Warps) PC Murtag 00:17:55
Fri Feb 21st, 03:53am Burnout 3: Takedown Any% Xbox 360 Thebpg13 02:24:28
Fri Feb 21st, 06:38am Racing Pitch All Tracks PC Chazoshtare 00:15:32
Fri Feb 21st, 07:15am Darkest Dungeon Necromancer (Tutorial) PC Tricrow 00:39:46
Fri Feb 21st, 08:25am Skybolt Zack Any% PC BliSushi 00:20:22
Fri Feb 21st, 09:05am Rayman Any% (2P1C) PS1 Thextera_ Glackum 01:32:27
Fri Feb 21st, 10:55am Pepsiman Any% PSX Fuzzyness 00:31:46
Fri Feb 21st, 11:35am Super Mario 64 120 Star (Randomizer) Wii VC 360Chrism 02:26:03
Fri Feb 21st, 02:35pm Tetris Attack VS. V-Hard SNES YumeTsubasaCH Wiredwicky 00:10:43
Fri Feb 21st, 02:55pm Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! All Levels (Co-Op, Base Game) Switch RDVvsTheWorld Riekelt 00:32:10
Fri Feb 21st, 03:43pm Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard Any% PC Makkebakke Zoton2 00:20:26
Fri Feb 21st, 04:18pm Untitled Goose Game 100% PC Riekelt 00:37:01
Fri Feb 21st, 05:08pm Hotline Miami NG Any% PC Cursed1701 00:18:08
Fri Feb 21st, 05:43pm Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Any% PC iKainalo 00:41:14
Fri Feb 21st, 06:43pm Sniper Elite V2 Any% PC Makkebakke 00:48:29
Fri Feb 21st, 07:43pm Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Randomizer Crowd Control PS1 Metako 01:30:29
Fri Feb 21st, 09:23pm Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight AVIB (Insane) PC DrimFox 00:31:18
Fri Feb 21st, 10:13pm Yakuza 3 Any% PS4 FroobMcGuffin 02:34:16
Sat Feb 22nd, 01:03am Gothic All Chapters PC PokerFacowaty 01:43:59
Sat Feb 22nd, 03:03am Doom 100% (Nightmare) PC RedW4rr10r 02:58:49
Sat Feb 22nd, 06:13am Densha De D: Climax Stage Any% PC Lordmau5 00:30:35
Sat Feb 22nd, 07:03am Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Any% (NMG) PC 7eraser7 02:00:49
Sat Feb 22nd, 09:08am Chrono Trigger 100% All Quests SNES Firepaw 05:11:56
Sat Feb 22nd, 02:48pm Super Mario Sunshine Any% Gamecube Samura1man 01:20:43
Sat Feb 22nd, 04:20pm Mickey Mania Any% Genesis linkboss 00:20:24
Sat Feb 22nd, 04:52pm World of Illusion Any% Genesis Edenal 00:19:05
Sat Feb 22nd, 05:22pm Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Any% Master System btrim 00:33:34
Sat Feb 22nd, 06:01pm Celeste True Ending PC Psyched_SR 00:56:48
Sat Feb 22nd, 07:16pm The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019) Any% Switch Samura1man 01:27:33
Sat Feb 22nd, 08:51pm Super Mario Bros. Warpless NES Fuzzyness 00:33:52